PHOTO: Casa Dorada Los Cabos Resort & Spa

The Best Hotels for Incredible Views in Los Cabos

Chris Sands | January 09, 2018

Virtually every resort in Los Cabos boasts spectacular views of either the Pacific Ocean or Sea of Cortés, but a select few – by dint of unique aspect or elevation, or creative landscaping – have managed to take the concept of spectacular views to a whole new level.

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Marina Fiesta Resort & Spa

Why it made the list

The nautical chic room décor reflects Marina Fiesta’s greatest asset: its superb location overlooking the Cabo San Lucas Marina. Photogenic parades of fishing boats and pleasure yachts are set against a backdrop of boardwalk shops and cantinas, and the luxury villas that dot the wealthy hillside enclave of Pedregal. Sunset cocktails from the swim-up pool bar add another layer to what is already a memorable viewing experience.

Though this colonial-style building is not ocean-side, most Read More


Posada La Poza

Why it made the list

What happens when a dense palm grove, a bird-filled lagoon, an exquisitely sculpted garden, and the Pacific Ocean are placed together in close proximity? Ask the guests at Posada La Poza, who are treated to this picturesque panorama from each of the boutique Todos Santos property’s eight suites. The garden is truly magical, home to over 80 varieties of cactus and palm trees, and a stopping place for well over 100 species of tropical birds.

West of town, overlooking a bird-filled lagoon that gives wa Read More


El Encanto Inn

Why it made the list

Not all great views in Los Cabos involve crashing ocean waves. El Encanto Inn, for example, is special because of its cultural richness, its traditional handcrafted décor and privileged setting in the midst of San José del Cabo’s historic Art District. The property is surrounded by boutique galleries, charming cobblestone streets, and beautiful old buildings that predate the golden age of tourism.

In the heart of San José's Historic Arts District, this gorg Read More


Hacienda Encantada

Why it made the list

Magnificent Sea or Cortés views are on display throughout Hacienda Encantada, but nowhere are they more magical than from the elevated cliffside patio dining area at Las Marías. Here, framed by classical pillars and serenaded by Mexican balladeers, dinner guests may look across miles of open sea as the sun sets over the ancient granite monuments that stretch to Land’s End on the southern rim of Cabo San Lucas.

Despite the enormous size of this time-share-resort hybrid, Read More


Casa Dorada Los Cabos Resort & Spa

Why it made the list

Casa Dorada not only enjoys a commanding central position overlooking Playa El Médano, Cabo San Lucas’ largest and most popular beach, it also boasts outstanding views of the boat-filled bay and the iconic, half-mile Land’s End headland. Gorgeous terrace views are available from 155 suites, and guests may also take in the captivating sights from two enormous pools that snake back and forth in front of the beach.

Through the dramatic entry on the stone facade you'll find t Read More


One&Only Palmilla

Why it made the list

The lush tropical grounds, tended by a staff of some five dozen gardeners, are remarkable in and of themselves. Now visualize a private beach club, a masterful 27-hole golf course by Jack Nicklaus, infinity pools that appear to flow seamlessly into the Sea of Cortés, and a 1950s era wedding chapel accessible only via dramatic stone stairway, and it'll become evident why One&Only Palmilla is such an incredible feast for the eyes.

Built in 1957 by the son of a former president of México, Pa Read More


Sandos Finisterra Los Cabos

Why it made the list

Finisterra is the only resort in Los Cabos with vast uninterrupted views of both the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortés. This breathtaking vista is limited to a rooftop event space, but only marginally less stunning views are available all over the property. Breakfast diners at Don Diego’s, for example, have terrace views of the marina and leaping dolphins at Cabo Adventures’ rooftop dolphinarium.

One of the first hotels built in Cabo, the Sandos Finisterra Read More

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