The drive to tequila country is a straightforward and easy trip. Head west from Guadalajara along Avenida Vallarta for about 25 minutes until you hit the toll road junction (it will say Puerto Vallarta Cuota). The whole trip takes about an hour by car. Take either the toll road (cuota) or the free road (libre) toward Puerto Vallarta. The toll road is faster, safer, and costs about $10. You can also catch a bus to Tequila from the Antigua Central Camionera (Old Central Bus Station), northeast of the Parque Agua Azul on Avenida Dr. R. Michel, between Calle Los Angeles and Calle 5 de Febrero. Buses marked "Amatitán–Tequila" are easy to spot from the entrance on Calle Los Angeles.

Another option is to take the Tequila Express train from Guadalajara to Tequila and back for about $80. One of the few passenger trains left in Mexico takes guests on an all-day tour starting and ending with free canned-tequila mixed drinks (like palomas and sangrita), accompanied by mariachi music. Upon arrival in Tequila, the tour takes visitors to a distillery to learn about the process of making the liquor; the day includes tastings at the distillery, a show of traditional Jalisco dancing and music, and a delicious all-you-can-eat-and-drink Mexican buffet.

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