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Taxis work under several tariff schemes. Tariff 1 is for the city center 7 am–9 pm; meters start at €2.40. There is a fixed taxi fare of €30 to or from the airport from the city center. Supplements include €3 to or from bus and train stations. Tariff 2 is for the city center 9 pm–7 am on weekdays (and 7 am–9 pm on weekends and holidays); the meter starts at €2.90 and charges more per kilometer. Besides reserving a taxi by phone, you can also do it through mobile app MyTaxi, which works with local official taxi drivers. As of mid-2019, Uber and Cabify are back in operation after a hiatus due to legal restrictions; in 2017, UberONE, Uber's premium service, added 50 Teslas to its Madrid fleet.

The rise of Uber and similar ride-hailing apps has led to a standoff between traditional taxis and vehicles for hire. Taxi strikes are increasingly frequent, so if you plan on using a taxi service, be sure to inquire locally to ensure they're running to cover your bases.

Taxi Services

Radio Taxi Gremial. 91/447--3232; 91/447--5180;

Radioteléfono Taxi. 91/547--8200;

Tele-Taxi. 91/371--2131;

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