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To ride the metro, you must buy a refillable Tarjeta de Transporte Público (Public Transportation Card), which costs an unrefundable €2.50 and can be obtained at ticketing machines inside any metro station. Each journey costs €1.50–€2, depending on how far you’re traveling within the city; you can also buy a 10-ride Metrobus ticket (€12.20). There are no free transfers between the metro and bus systems. The Abono Turístico (Tourist Pass) allows unlimited use of public buses and the metro for one day (€8.40 for Zone A, €17 for Zone T) to seven days (€35.40 for Zone A, €70.80 for Zone T); buy it at tourist offices, metro stations, or select newsstands. The metro runs 6 am–1:30 am, though a few entrances close earlier. (See the metro map in this chapter.)

Subway Information

Metro Madrid. 90/244--4403;

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