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Plan Your Serbia Vacation

Archaeologists believe that European civilization began in the Danube basins and the fertile lowlands of Serbia. Happily for visitors, each of the subsequent cultures to dominate the region—Romans, Slavs, Bulgarians, Byzantines, Ottomans, and Austrians—have left their mark in castles, towers, monasteries, bridges, and mosaics, often set among some of the continent's lush green landscapes. The brutality of Serbia's history in the 20th-century, especially in the 1990s, has dampened some travelers' interest. This sometimes leaves millennia old sights wonderfully free of tourist hordes and business development.


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Top Reasons To Go

  1. Live Well for Less Compared to its European neighbors, Serbia is exceptionally cheap. Dollars and Euros go far, especially outside the major cities. Gold star hotels and excellent meals can be had without a big hit to your wallet.
  2. Sharpen the Steak Knife Few countries in Europe love firing up the Rostilj (grill) more than Serbia. Tuck into cevapi (minced-meat sausages), pljeskavica (hamburgers), vešalica (pork cutlets), and ražnjići (kebabs).
  3. Boogie Down in Belgrade The metropolitan center of the Balkans loves a good party and keeps its many massive dance parties gyrating all night with pumping disco music, cheap drinks, and high energy.
  4. Peel Back Layers of History Serbia's often fraught history has left a wealth of architectural and archeological treasures.
  5. Rejuvenate Body and Soul The mineral rich springs have drawn visitors since Roman times. More than 1,000 cold and warm mineral water springs and dozens of thermal resorts dot the countryside.

When To Go

When to Go

Peak Season: June to August Serbia's temperamental weather makes the short summer the ideal time to explore the countries pristine rivers...

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