7 Best Bars in City Center, St. Petersburg

Central Station

City Center

A youthful, fashionable, mixed crowd packs onto three floors, each with its own character, interlinked by a number of dark staircases. There are theme nights, drag shows, multiple lounge areas, karaoke, and a counter that serves food.

Daiquiri Bar

City Center

Cocktail bars are few and far between in St. Petersburg but for expertly mixed drinks, rely on the talented bartenders here. The music is geared to a young, hip crowd and can become a bit loud later in the evening, so go early if you want to have a conversation without shouting.

1 ul. Bolshaya Konyushennaya, St. Petersburg, St.-Petersburg, 191186, Russia


City Center

A tremendously popular haunt of expats, bohemians, students, and night owls takes after the merry joints of the Reeperbahn in Hamburg (the owner is German). The galvanizing spirit of this eclectic art bar is hugely addictive—despite its claustrophobic size, low ceilings, shabby setting, horrific toilets, and lack of food beyond peanuts. The music, mainly rock and ska, is loud enough to make conversation barely possible. Reckless dance parties sometimes get out of hand and spill into the street, where neighboring bar Fidel soaks up the overflow.

9 ul. Dumskaya, St. Petersburg, St.-Petersburg, 191186, Russia
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Hallelujah Bar

City Center

This little bar stands out from the rest by the young, attractive, and friendly crowd it draws in. Always packed at weekends, getting to the bar can be a bit of a chore but the retro 1980s and '90s music makes the wait more bearable.

7 ul. Inzhenernaya, St. Petersburg, St.-Petersburg, 191011, Russia

Money Honey Saloon

City Center

If rockabilly is your thing, or if you simply want to see a country-western saloon in Russia, head to this always-crowded bar for dancing and lots of fun. The live music usually starts at 8 pm. A minimal cover charge is collected sporadically.


City Center

They celebrate New Year's Eve every night here, and whatever season and the weather, you get the full holiday package, complete with decorated Christmas tree, the Russian version of Santa Claus and his granddaughter, champagne, and a dance party. An exhaustive collection of season's greetings recordings delivered by Soviet and Russian leaders is broadcast and mocked throughout the night. This ritual has become one of St. Petersburg's most memorable nights out. The food and beer is good and inexpensive, and the droll staff is dressed in white rabbit costumes. Each table has a unique design. Be sure to get there and fill your glass before midnight. Purga's clone next door throws wedding parties with the same regularity and similarly comic bent.

The Office Pub

City Center

Style and elegance characterize the atmosphere of this Irish pub located next to Kazan cathedral. It is frequented by a fashionable crowd and is a favorite with the 20-somethings and local yuppies. The choice of beers on tap here is one of the widest in the city.

5 ul. Kazanskaya, St. Petersburg, St.-Petersburg, 191186, Russia