32 Best Places to Shop in St. Petersburg, Russia


Petrograd Side

Head and shoulders above other jewellery shops in town, this quiet, dimly lit store is owned by former sailor and theater director Andrei Ananov, now famous as a jeweler following in the traditions of the great Karl Fabergé. Ananov is as much a gallery as a shop and prices are only available by asking the defferential staff; rings and necklaces can easily cost upwards of thousands of dollars.

7 ul. Michurinskaya, St. Petersburg, St.-Petersburg, 197046, Russia
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Rate Includes: Monday-Friday 10:00-17:30

Apraksin Dvor

City Center

St. Petersburg's less wealthy citizens come to this seething bazaar to shop for cheap clothes, shoes, DVDs, household items, and whatever else you can think of. The market is a chaotic relic of the Yeltsin years, and hardly befitting Russia's newfound love affair with Slavic glamour. As a result the city's rulers have decreed that Apraksin Dvor must go, although it's very popular with the locals, and the traders are a resourceful bunch who are fighting to remain in place. They are likely to win in the end.

28–30 ul. Sadovaya, St. Petersburg, St.-Petersburg, 191023, Russia
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Armeisky Magazin

City Center

Army surplus—belts, flasks, caps, pins, and marine shirts with Russian and Soviet army symbols—is a much better bargain here, at this state-run store, than in touristy souvenir markets. You'll find a huge variety.

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City Center

What was once a dusty Soviet relic has emerged as one of the most glamorous department stores in all of St. Petersburg. With a focus on high fashion and rare perfumes, shopping here comes at a premium but it's worth it for the selection and service.

21–23 ul. Bolshaya Konushennaya, St. Petersburg, St.-Petersburg, 191186, Russia
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Galereya Steklo

City Center

At this glass gallery, the city of St. Petersburg is reflected in carved Easter eggs, stained glass, vases, and candlesticks. Each work is handmade, and many are one-of-a-kind.

1/28 ul. Lomonosova, St. Petersburg, St.-Petersburg, 191023, Russia
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City Center

Containing 290 shops, this mammoth shopping center also has 24 cafés and restaurants, a 10-cinema multiplex including an IMAX screen, a supermarket, and a bowling alley. The fashion brands are primarily major European labels, such as M&S and Reiss from Britain, Lindex from Finland, and France's Cacharel. There is a good children's section and a wealth of cosmetics shops selling mainly foreign brands.

30a Ligovsky pr., St. Petersburg, St.-Petersburg, 191040, Russia
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Rate Includes: Sunday-Saturday 10:00-23:00

Gastronom 811

City Center

This mini-supermarket is open 24 hours a day and sells the basics for a light lunch or breakfast, including a few fresh fruits and vegetables. It also contains a café where resonably priced, if uninspired, cakes and coffees can be had at all hours.

74-75 Nevsky pr., St. Petersburg, St.-Petersburg, 191025, Russia

Gostiny Dvor

City Center

The city's oldest and largest shopping center was built in the mid-18th century. It has a few upscale boutiques and is also a good place to find souvenirs, such as matryoshka (nesting dolls), at some of the best prices in the city (look in the shops along Nevsky to the right of the metro entrance). The second floor houses a string of multibrand boutiques selling women's and men's clothes from famous European designers as well as housewares. Gostinka, as Gostiny Dvor is also known, also has some stores with cheaper prices; it can be a good place to buy winter clothing, such as fur hats. The store, open daily from 10 until 10, is in the center of town, and is easily reached by the metro—the station opening into the shop is named in its honor.

35 Nevsky pr., St. Petersburg, St.-Petersburg, 191186, Russia
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Rate Includes: Mon.-Sun .: 10:00 to 22:00

Grand Palace

City Center

Reigning at the top end of the boutique market and serving shoppers with the deepest pockets, this temple to consumption carries Woolford lingerie, Escada dresses, and Trussardi suits as well as perfume and jewelry at impressively high prices. The café on the first floor offers irresistible desserts and a wide assortment of high-end teas and coffees.

Guild of Masters

City Center

Jewelry, ceramics, and other types of Russian traditional art, all made by members of the Russian Union of Artists, are sold here. They can provide the documents necessary to export artwork.

Imperial Porcelain Manufactory

Southern Suburbs

One of the most famous porcelain manufacturers in Russia, this factory was founded in St. Petersburg in 1744 to serve the imperial family. You'll come across Imperial Porcelain shops on Nevsky prospekt and elsewhere in the city, as well as in Moscow, but this shop at the factory is an especially well-stocked source for the world-famous hand-painted cobalt-blue china. There's also a porcelain museum here that's part of the Hermitage's holdings.

151 Obukhovskoy Oboroni pr., St. Petersburg, St.-Petersburg, 192171, Russia

Kuznechny Rynok


This is the best and most expensive of St. Petersburg's food markets and one of the best places to find caviar, fresh dairy products, and an assortment of local honey.

3 per. Kuznechny, St. Petersburg, St.-Petersburg, 191002, Russia
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Rate Includes: Monday-Saturday 8:00-20:00; Sunday 8:00-19:00

Land Supermarket

City Center

Hidden away on the lower level of Vladimirsky Passazh, this spacious well-stocked supermarket is open 24 hours a day and offers a wide selection of hard-to-find foreign products as well as fresh baked goods and even a few souvenirs.

19 Vladimirsky pr., St. Petersburg, St.-Petersburg, 191002, Russia
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Otkryty Mir

City Center

For a city that prides itself on its cultural legacy the selection of classical music on offer is surprisingly poor. While no one could accuse this CD and DVD store of being overstocked, it does hold the occasional hidden classical gem, particularly when it comes to Russian composers and artists and recordings on the old Melodiya label. Hunt around.

32 Nevsky pr., St. Petersburg, St.-Petersburg, 191011, Russia
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City Center

Across the street from Gostiny Dvor, this mid-19th-century shopping arcade caters primarily to locals. The souvenir sections, however, are worth visiting, as prices, in rubles, are a bit lower here than in the souvenir shops around hotels and in other areas frequented by tourists. You can also pick up fine table linens at bargain prices. The antiques section in the center of the arcade is worth a look, too, and there's a reasonably sized supermarket in the basement.

Petersburg Antiques Salon

City Center

This shop stocks icons, Carl Fabergé jewelry, furniture, and vintage lamps. There is also Soviet propaganda porcelain, such as ashtrays in the shape of an Uzbek man reading a newspaper, or tea sets featuring the heroes of the Russian Revolution. Some are collectors' items that once belonged to some of Russia's finest museums. Keep in mind that it's against the law to export any item that's more than 100 years old. In theory, taking out even a rusted nail would be a breach of the law. With any antique purchase you make, you need an export certificate, which can be obtained only at the state-run Board for the Preservation of Cultural Valuables and only after an expert assessment that can take up to three days.


City Center

This shop sells an eclectic selection of music and DVDs that tends toward the esoteric but still manages to cover most genres. Prices are good and there's also a choice of new and vintage vinyl. Friendly staff speak English and are always ready to offer suggestions or let you listen before buying.

28 ul. Marata, St. Petersburg, St.-Petersburg, 191040, Russia
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Polyustrovsky Rynok

Vyborg Side

On the weekend you can find a pet market, with puppies, kittens, chickens, and more. In a possibly surprising twist, the market also boasts an impressive fur department, with some good bargains on such items as rabbit-fur winter hats.

45 Polyustrovsky pr., St. Petersburg, St.-Petersburg, 195197, Russia
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Rate Includes: Daily 9:00-19:00

Rot Front Furs

Vasilievsky Island

At the large factory shop of this established and respected Russian furrier, founded in 1885, you can get elegant coats, hats, jackets, wraps, and accessories made of mink, polar fox, sheepskin, seal, and other furs, all of them from Russia. The prices are lower than they are in most other fur stores.

5/7 nab. Reki Smolenki, St. Petersburg, St.-Petersburg, 199178, Russia
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Rate Includes: Monday-Saturday 11:00-19:00; Sunday 11:00-18:00

Russian Jewelry House

City Center

This is a good bet for jewelry, particularly amber pieces.

29-31 Nevsky pr., St. Petersburg, St.-Petersburg, 191186, Russia

Russkie Samotsvety


Many items in these collections were inspired by St. Petersburg's architecture, history, literature, and artistic legacy. Jewelers play with familiar visual images, like ballet or shipbuilding, and incorporate city symbols in their designs.

8 pl. Karla Faberzhe, St. Petersburg, St.-Petersburg, 195112, Russia
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Russky Ljon

City Center

This is a good source for linen goods created in the traditional Russian style of the 19th century. There are several branches throughout the city. There's another branch nearby at 3 ulitsa Pushkinskaya.

151 Nevsky pr., St. Petersburg, St.-Petersburg, 191167, Russia
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Sennoi Rynok

City Center

This may be the biggest food market in the city; the entrance is just a short walk from ploshchad Sennaya. While this is one of the cheapest places in the city to buy fresh produce, the goods are mainly sold extremely close to their expiration date and anything bought here should be used within a day or two.

4 Moskovsky pr., St. Petersburg, St.-Petersburg, 190031, Russia

Severnaya Lyra

City Center

Run by one of the biggest music publishers in Russia, this all-around music shop sells CDs, sheet music, and even musical instruments. The selection includes hard-to-find scores by contemporary Russian composers as well as traditional Russian musical instruments, all at very reasonable prices.

26 Nevsky pr., St. Petersburg, St.-Petersburg, 191186, Russia
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Rate Includes: Monday-Saturday 10:00-20:00; Sunday 11:00-19:00

St. Petersburg Furs

Vyborg Side

Even fur-decorated wedding dresses can be found at this palace of a store that caters to modern-day "tsarinas." The many kinds of fur here include such rarities as lynx and Russia's famous sable (a type of the weasel-like marten that's found in Siberia).

35 ul. Komsomola, St. Petersburg, St.-Petersburg, 195009, Russia
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City Center

One of the newest and largest department stores on Nevsky prospekt, this Finnish retailer specializes in quality clothes, lingerie, toys, kitchen gadgets, linens, and bathroom goods, much of it by Finnish and Scandinavian producers. A vast supermarket located on the lower level offers as wide range of hard-to-find delicacies (at least in Russia) from around the world and an extensive wine selection.

Tatyana Kotegova Fashion House

Petrograd Side

For romantic collections with a note of restraint, this designer uses only natural materials, with an emphasis on wool, silk, and cashmere. Kotegova's soaring classical silhouettes capture the essence of St. Petersburg, and her velvet evening dresses, simple yet exquisite, are the dream of a good half of the local female population.

44 Bolshoi pr., St. Petersburg, St.-Petersburg, 197198, Russia
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Rate Includes: Monday-Friday 11:00-20:00; weekends - by appointment

Tatyana Parfinova

City Center

St. Petersburg's most famous clothing designer offers her jewel-toned designs in flowing silk and velvet, as well as a line of housewares that includes linens, tableware, furniture, and even original paintings.

51 Nevsky pr., St. Petersburg, St.-Petersburg, 191025, Russia


City Center

All things printed are the specialty of this snug shop, with original Soviet posters, prerevolutionary postcards bearing portraits of Romanov family members, and prints, maps, and books on offer. There is also some silverware and bric-a-brac. The store is popular with both serious collectors and museum researchers, who sometimes manage to fish out rare manuscripts.


City Center

At this open-air market outside the Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood, more than 100 vendors sell nesting dolls, paintings, Soviet icons, and miscellaneous trinkets. It is probably the easiest and quickest market to locate if your time in St. Petersburg is limited; there are sure to be items here that make good gifts and keepsakes. Most vendors speak several languages but the prices can be rather inflated. Don't accept the first price quoted, and try to pay a third or so less than that.

1 Kanal Griboyedova, St. Petersburg, St.-Petersburg, 191186, Russia
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