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With the arrival of low-cost airlines and continued expansion of the local airport, the number of visitors to Kraków is increasing. Although tourists now arrive in great numbers all year-round, the peak season to visit Kraków is between May and October. In terms of weather, May and September are probably the most pleasant months to visit the city, but Kraków has something to offer for each season.

Temperatures can get very cold in the winter, down to –20°C (–4°F), and summer days are reliably hot, with temperatures of up to 35°C (95°F). The weather is often unpredictable and can turn very rapidly; therefore, it is advised to bring an umbrella and a jacket even when you are traveling in the summer, just in case.

Krakovians love any opportunity to celebrate, and no matter when you come to town, you are almost sure to stumble upon some kind of cultural festival of music, theater, film, or dance. Some of the most famous include theOpera Rara festival during the Carnival; Shanties sea songs festival in February; the Misteria Paschalia around Easter, a festival dedicated to early music; the Jewish Culture Festival, Street Theatre Festival, and Summer Jazz Festival, all of which are in July; the Music in the Old Kraków festival in August; an Organ Music Festival throughout the summer; Sacrum Profanum in September, combining "sacred" and "profane" musical traditions; the All Souls' Jazz Festival at the end of October and early November; Divine Comedy theater festival in December.

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