Chianciano Terme

People from around the world come to the città del fegato sano (city of the healthy liver) to experience the curative waters. The area's innumerable mineral-water springs are reputed to restore and maintain the health of the skin, among other things. This is nothing new; as early as the 5th century BC Chianciano Terme was the site of a temple to Apollo the Healer. It's no secret, either—the Terme di Chianciano spa alone claims to draw 120,000 visitors a year, and Italian state health insurance covers visits to the baths and springs for qualified patients. But you can test the waters yourself at a number of springs. If you're not here for the waters, probably the most interesting part of Chianciano is the old town, which lies to the north. The modern town, stretching along a hillside to the south, is a series of hotels, shops, and restaurants catering to spa aficionados.


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