Furore stretches for 8 km (5 miles) along the panoramic winding road climbing the Monti Lattari hills toward Agerola. Its nickname as the paese che non c’è, the "town that doesn’t exist," comes from the absence of any real focal point, or piazza, in the town. Yet, endearingly, it has billed itself as the paese dipinto, the "painted town," as the walls are the "canvas" for an array of murals by local and international artists, who have mostly represented the traditions and culture of their town. This open-air "gallery" was first initiated in 1980 with just three murals, and is regularly added to, with a different scene appearing around every bend. Other than artists, the most important residents of Furore are the local vintners. Townsfolk are said to live with one foot in a boat and one in a vineyard, and terraced vineyards cling to Furore's hillsides. Many vines uniquely grow horizontally from the stone walls, maximizing the use of the land here.


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