Top Reasons to Go to Attica and Delphi

Delphi, "Navel of the World": Delphi's Sanctuary of Apollo invites you to imagine a time of oracles, enigmatic prophecies, and mystical emanations.

Sunset at Sounion: Perched over the water, the spectacular Temple of Poseidon still summons strong emotions in this land of seafarers.

Mighty Marathon: Dare you retrace Pheidippides's first marathon when he ran 26 hilly miles from this town to Athens in 490 BC?

Cape Vouliagmeni: Enjoy a sun-kissed day on the beach at the heart of the eternally glamorous Athens Riviera.

Naval Galaxidi: The town the shipbuilders built back in the 18th century today oozes old-world charm and quaint character.

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