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Frankfurt's smooth-running, well-integrated public transportation system (called RMV) consists of the U-bahn (subway), S-bahn (suburban railway), Strassenbahn (streetcars), and buses. Buses are the public-transit option between 1 am and 4 am.

Fares for the entire system, which includes an extensive surrounding area, are uniform, though they are based on a complex zone system. Within the time that your ticket is valid (one hour for most inner-city destinations), you can transfer from one part of the system to another.

Tickets may be purchased from automatic vending machines, which are at all U-bahn and S-bahn stations. Weekly and monthly tickets are sold at central ticket offices and newsstands. A basic one-way ticket for a ride in the inner zone costs €2.60 during the peak hours of 6 am–9 am and 4 pm–6:30 pm weekdays (€2.30 the rest of the time). There's also a reduced Kurzstrecke ("short stretch") fare of €1.60 the whole day. A day ticket for unlimited travel in the inner zones costs €6.60. If you're caught without a ticket, there's a fine of €40.

Some 200 European cities have bus links with Frankfurt, largely through Deutsche Touring. Buses arrive at and depart from the south side of the Hauptbahnhof and Terminal 1 at the Frankfurt Main airport. Eurolines provides tours to nearby cities, including Mannheim, Hamburg, and Hanover.

Bus Contacts

Bohr Busreisen. Frankfurt, Hesse. 0654/350–190; www.omnibusse.bohr.de.

Eurolines. Mannheimerstr. 15, City Center, Frankfurt, Hesse, 60329. 069/4609–2780; www.eurolines.de/en.

Verkehrsgesellschaft Frankfurt am Main. Frankfurt, Hesse. 069/19449; www.vgf-ffm.de.

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