Perfect Hotels for a Parisian Cocktail Crawl

Jennifer Ladonne | February 01, 2018

The Paris cocktail scene has never been better. Trendy new outposts with a unique take on craft cocktails are popping up in every major area, reflecting the spirit of the neighborhood. Here's a list of hotels ideally situated in each of Paris's major cocktail destinations to help you make the most of this happening scene, starting with the hotel's own super-chic cocktail lounge or bar!

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Why it made the list

Hemingway, Proust, and Coco Chanel liked downing a few at this legendary Paris's lodging rubbing elbows with the jewelers on the Place Vendôme. With three gorgeous cocktail corners to choose from, including the illustrious Hemingway Bar, if you have the dough this is the place for a night to remember. Then you can sip to the strains of a live piano at Le Meurice's illustrious Bar 228, or gaze at your partner through the opulent gloom at Le Costes Bar around the corner.

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Hôtel National des Arts et Métiers

Why it made the list

At the crossroads of some of Paris's trendiest neighborhoods—the Marais, Sentier, Grands Boulevards—this sleek new hotel is the home of a unique cocktail concept. At the Herbarium, the poetic barman combines alchemy, perfumery, and botany like a nose concocts a fragrance. Before committing, take a whiff from a tester bottle for an olfactive example, then choose from a menu of wildly inventive drinks. Other outposts in the hood: Boteco, Le Fou, Le Jacques Bar (at the Hoxton Hotel), The Shell (at the Hotel Grands Boulevards), Lockwood, Mabel, and Night Flight (at the Bachaumont Hotel).

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Prince de Galles

Why it made the list

A sleek centerpiece of this historic Art Deco building built for the Price of Wales, Les Heures cocktail bar is a contender for coolest bar around the Champs-Élysées, and with all the competition that's saying a lot. Modernist murals, original plumed lights, and sleek Deco furnishings set the stage for an elegant cocktail. This is a crawl for big spenders, but you won't find more beautiful bars in all of Paris: Le Marta at Le Fouquet hotel, Les Ambassadeurs at the Hotel de Crillon; Le Bar at La Réserve hotel, Le Drugstore at Drugstore Publicis (a little less pricey), and Le Bar at Four Seasons George V.

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The Hoxton Paris

Why it made the list

The Hoxton channels the neighborhood vibe, creating warm, welcoming spaces where visitors and locals mix over cocktails, music, and unique workshops in a super-stylish setting. With three in-hotel cocktail bars—the lobby and terrace bar, the relaxed restaurant bar, and tiny hidden Jacques Bar (seating 20) upstairs, the Grands Boulevards neighborhood is shaping up as one of Paris's chicest up-and-coming areas, loaded with cool cocktail bars: The Shell, Le Fou, Boteco, Gramont name a few.

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Why it made the list

Oscar Wilde might have survived if this intimate jewel of a bar had been here when he was. With an atmosphere straight out of a Jean Cocteau film (whose drawings grace the lobby), this is the place to begin, or end, a romantic night. Though perhaps the most atmospheric, it isn't the only bar in this sophisticated Saint-Germain neighborhood. Check out: Prescription Cocktail Club, Castor Club, Tiger, Eden Park Pub, L'Arbane.

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