While visiting Pula, Rovinj, and Poreč a car may be more of a hindrance than an asset: all three towns are served by good bus connections, and having your own vehicle only causes parking problems. The best way to see the Istrian interior and Eastern coast towns, however, is by car. The "sight" to see is the countryside itself and the small villages that dot it, so renting a car even for a day will give you much more satisfaction than trying to arrange a bus trip to one or another hilltop town. (And bus connections to the interior are infrequent or nonexistent.) If you are traveling from Zagreb, you can, of course, rent a car there, but major agencies have offices in Pula. Other towns along the coast all have one or more local agencies that generally offer better rates than the major chains without sacrificing quality of service; however, they may be less equipped than the major chains and have fewer cars on offer. (Some, such as Vetura, also rent bicycles, e-bicycles, and scooters [i.e., mopeds].) Lastly, bear in mind that finding an available car on short notice in midsummer can be tricky regardless of the agency involved and most are manual transmission.

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