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The train system is excellent, and reliable trains run frequently from Vienna's Schnellbahn stations to most of the destinations around Vienna. The main east–west train line cuts through the Vienna Woods; the main north–south line out of Vienna traverses the eastern edge of the Vienna Woods. Trains leave Vienna Central Station regularly for Baden.

You can get from Wien-Nord/Praterstern to the Weinviertel, where you can connect to buses running between the small villages.

The Schnellbahn No. 7 running from Wien-Mitte (Landstrasser Hauptstrasse) stops at Petronell, with service about once an hour. Carnuntum is about a 10-minute walk from the Petronell station. Trains go on to Hainburg, stopping at Bad Deutsch-Altenburg.

Trains depart from Vienna Central Station frequently for the one-hour ride to Neusiedl am See.

Regional rail tracks run parallel to the north and south banks of the Danube, and while trains reach all the larger towns and cities in the region, they miss the smaller towns of the Wachau Valley along the Danube's south bank. You can combine rail and boat transportation along this route, taking the train upstream and crisscrossing your way back on the river.

Train Information

ÖBB—National Train Information. 05/1717;

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