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To reach Baden and the surrounding villages by car, take the A2 autobahn south in the direction of Graz, getting off in Baden and taking Route 210 west.

The Weinviertel is accessed by major highways but not by autobahns. Follow signs to Prague, taking Route E461 toward Mistelbach and Poysdorf if you want to go northeast.

The A4 autobahn is a quick way to reach the Carnuntum region. If you're going east to Carnuntum, follow signs to the A23 and the airport (Schwechat).

The A3 goes from Vienna and Eisenstadt. Route 10 from Vienna to Neusiedl Lake in Burgenland is the preferred scenic alternative to the A4 autobahn.

The main route along the north bank of the Danube is Route 3; along the south bank, there's a choice between the autobahn Route A1 and a collection of lesser roads. Roads are good and well marked, and you can switch over to the A1 autobahn, which parallels the general east–west course of the Danube Valley route. Car rental is best in Vienna or Linz.

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