3 Best Bars in Grand Turk, Turks and Caicos Islands

Birdcage Bar

Weekly, there's live local music to add to the ambience of the special barbecue nights. The bartending staff are extremely friendly and ready to strike up a good conversation. If you're looking for a place that has good drinks and good vibes, this is definitely a spot to check out.

Bohio Dive Resort

On Saturday, local musicians play a bit of rake ’n' scrape at the Bohio so that guests and residents alike can do a bit of dancing oceanside while enjoying their buffet barbecue. It's a little more expensive than the other music combinations, but the food is great and the venue lovely. On Friday nights there's jazz, and Sundays there's a saxophonist. Some might say the music is at Ike and Donkey Beach Bar—that's just the name of the beachside bar at Bohio.

Salt Raker Inn

On Friday local musicians play at the Salt Raker Inn. Many of the local residents gather here for this, so don't miss it if you wish to mingle.

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