Jutting out into the ocean along the rugged western coast, Rincón ("corner" in Spanish) may have gotten its name because it's tucked into a bend of the coastline. Some, however, trace it to Gonzalo Rincón, a 16th-century landowner who let poor families live on his land. Whatever the history, the name suits the town, which is like a little corner of the world unto itself.

Larger hotels in the region include Rincón of the Seas and Rincón Beach Resort, but rentals and small inns are the norm. Although Rincón is a mecca for wave-seekers—particularly those from the east coast of the United States, who like the relatively quick New York–Aguadilla flight—the laid-back town also appeals to budget-conscious families and honeymooners.

The pace picks up October to April, when the waves are at their best, but tourists can be found here year-round, and many American mainlanders have settled here. Budget travelers will most likely find discount accommodations in August and September, when tourism is slow. Hurricane season runs June to November, bringing occasional swells for the surf crowd.

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