Carriacou, the land of many reefs, is a hilly island with neither lakes nor rivers, so its drinking water comes from rainwater caught in cisterns. It gets quite arid during the dry season (January through May). Nevertheless, pigeon peas, corn, and fruit are grown here, and the climate seems to suit the mahogany trees used for furniture making and the white cedar that's critical to the island’s famed boatbuilding industry.

Hillsborough is Carriacou's main town. Just offshore, Sandy Island is a tiny spit of land and one of the nicest beaches around. Almost anyone with a boat will give you a ride from Paradise Beach or Hillsborough to Sandy Island for a small fee (about $25 round-trip). Rolling hills cut a wide swath through the middle of Carriacou, from Gun Point in the north to Tyrell Bay in the south.

Despite its tiny size, Carriacou has several distinct cultures. Hillsborough is decidedly English; the southern region, around L'Esterre, reflects French roots; and the northern town of Windward has Scottish ties. African culture, though, is the overarching influence.

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