Most hotels have a tour desk offering local tours, operated by the countrywide, state-owned tour companies.

NEXUS Tours. With more than 20 years of experience organizing tours for Canadian visitors, this reliable company understands North American expectations and can arrange everything from transfers to hotels to sightseeing bus or adventure tours to nights out on the town throughout Western Cuba and beyond. Their attention to detail and professionalism outshine the Cuban government tour operators. They also have excellent bilingual guides, who are well versed in local history. The head office is in Varadero, conveniently close to all the popular hotels. There are also NEXUS tour desks in some Varadero hotels. Varadero, Matanzas Province, 42200. 4566--2970;

Paradiso. With the slogan "Get to know Cuba through its culture," this government-run agency has offices in Western Cuba in Viñales, Pinar del Río, and Varadero. Their new website features news of cultural events in Cuba, describes their culture-based tours, and lists all the contact information for their offices throughout Cuba. Calle 26 No. 106, e/Calle 1 y Calle 3, Matanzas, Matanzas Province, 40100. 4561--2506;

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