2 Best Performing Arts Venues in Western Cuba, Cuba


Matanzas is the birthplace, officially in 1879, of danzón, Cuba's national dance. It's a fusion of European contradance (habanera in Spain) and Afro-Cuban rhythms. The city holds an annual Danzón Festival every November, with a dance competition that attracts competitors from all over Cuba. For information about danzón and other cultural events, check the city's website.

Sala de Conciertos José White

This exquisite, Neoclassical concert hall is named after a 19th-century violinist/composer who was exiled for his nationalist leanings. It was the first place that danzón, Cuba's national dance, was performed. The building has been under restoration for two years and should open by January 2016, as a venue for concerts and cultural events.

Matanzas, 40100, Cuba