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The North Shore is where all the best beaches are found. Road Town, the island's tiny metropolis, has several restaurants and shops, as well as a smattering of historic sights and hotels. West End also has a concentration of establishments and a ferry pier. East End is isolated. Getting around is pretty easy, but the island's roads are extraordinarily steep and twisting, making driving demanding. It's best to explore the island a bit at a time.

  • Road Town and Environs. In the middle of the island's south coast, the capital is a hub for shopping, dining, and ferries, which dock here.
  • West End. In addition to some resorts and private villas, the west end of Tortola has a major ferry pier, a few good beaches, and some shops and restaurants.
  • North Shore. The best beaches and some good resorts (mostly concentrated in Cane Garden Bay and Brewer's Bay) can be found on the North Shore.
  • Mid Island. Tortola's steep midsection is home to several restaurants, national parks, and slews of villas.
  • East End. Both the airport (on Beef Island) and several resorts are on the more isolated east end of Tortola. There are also a few good beaches here.

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