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Taxis are fairly expensive, so if you plan to explore many beaches and restaurants, it may be more cost-effective to rent a car. Taxi rates are regulated by the government, and there are fixed fares from point to point, listed in brochures the drivers should have handy and published in local guides. It's $26 from the airport or $22 from Blowing Point Ferry to West End hotels. Posted rates are for one or two people; each additional passenger adds $5, and there is a $1 charge for each piece of luggage beyond the allotted two. You can also hire a taxi for a flat rate of $28 an hour. A surcharges of $4 applies to trips between 6 pm and midnight. After midnight it's $10. You'll always find taxis at the Blowing Point Ferry landing and the airport, but you'll need to call for hotel and restaurant pickups and arrange ahead with the driver who took you if you need a late-night return from a nightclub or bar.


Blowing Point Ferry Taxi Stand. 264/497–6089;

Maurice & Sons Exquisite Taxi Services. 264/235–2676;

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