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Although many of the rental cars on-island have the driver's side on the left as in North America, Anguillian roads are like those in the United Kingdom—driving is on the left side of the road. It's easy to get the hang of, but the roads can be rough, so be cautious, and observe the 30 mph (48 kph) speed limit. Roundabouts are probably the biggest driving obstacle for most. As you approach, give way to the vehicle on your right; once you're in the rotary, you have the right of way.

Car Rentals: A temporary Anguilla driver's license is required to rent a car—you can get into real trouble if you're caught driving without one. You get it for $20 (good for three months) through any of the car-rental agencies at the time you pick up your car; you'll also need your valid driver's license from home. Rental rates start at about $45 to $55 per day, plus insurance.


Andy's Car Rental. Blowing Point Village, n/a Anguilla. 264/584–7010;

Avis. Airport Rd., AI2640. 264/497–2642;

Bryans Car Rental. Blowing Point Village, n/a Anguilla. 264/497–6407;

Triple K Car Rental/Hertz. Airport Rd., AI2640. 264/497–2934;

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