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Plan Your Huahine Vacation

Although it lies between Moorea and Bora Bora, Huahine (pronounced Hu-a-hee-nee or Wha-hee-nee

) isn't on the tourist circuit just yet, but it should be. Its near-deserted roads and villages and wooded hills entwined with jungle vines beckon those looking for a little R&R.

Huahine is two islands (Huahine Nui and Huahine Iti) joined by a bridge. What passes for action takes place in the main town of Fare (pronounced far-ay

) on Huahine Nui, the northern and bigger island. Away from this little port, life is slow-paced and you'll be lucky to find anyone stirring on a lazy afternoon in any of the villages of Huahine Iti. Most locals ride bicycles and agriculture's still the main industry—plantations grow vanilla and melons.

There are various legends surrounding the island's name. Some say that hua means "sex" and hine means "woman," while others say the name means "pregnant woman" due to a rock outline on Huahine Nui's Fitii Peninsula. Then there's the legend of Hiro, Polynesia's most famous god. It's said that Hiro rammed his canoe into the island, splitting it down the middle. Not far from the town of Maroe is a rock spire called Te Moa o Hiro or "penis of Hiro"—you can't miss it.


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Top Reasons To Go

  1. Authentic experience This laid-back island is free from the commercialization that ravages neighbor Bora Bora and you'll easily adapt to the chilled environment in no time.
  2. Surf's up Both islands have great surf breaks Ava Mo'a Pass just off Fare and Motu Aara'ara in Parea in Huahine Iti. Bring your own board, reef shoes, and a good vibe because locals don't like interlopers with "attitude."
  3. Last resort If you don't like big hotels, Huahine is definitely for you. There's just one with overwater bungalows, tucked away on its own island. Instead there are pensions, cottages, and safari-style tents on the beach.
  4. Myths & legends If you like a good story and a mysterious past, there's plenty of intrigue here to keep you guessing for days.

When To Go

When to Go

Huahine has a similar climate to the other islands of the Society Archipelago. The warmer wet season (November to April) sees temperatures ranging...

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