The island nation of Fiji is made up of 333 islands, 106 of which are inhabited. These inhabitants are a unique mix of Melanesian Fijians (about 51%), Indo-Fijians, whose ancestors came from India as indentured laborers (about 44%), and a small number of Europeans, Chinese, and other Melanesians. Although not heavily industrialized, Fiji is a nation of "shopkeepers," with an eager, white-collar economy epitomized by storefronts, table service, and taxicabs. The country as a whole is seeing a trend toward urbanization; cities and larger towns tend to have large Indo-Fijian populations while most Melanesians remain in the same close-knit villages and even the same houses inhabited by their families since long before European contact. Fiji's Melanesians have a strong tradition of hospitaliRead More
ty in complement to their communal lifestyle and are considered to be among the friendliest people in the world.

Whether you're heading to Fiji for a family getaway, a relaxing and luxurious retreat, or you're seeking adventure in the form of rain-forest treks, ziplines, or barrier reef diving, you will not be disappointed. In Fiji, everyone gets the vacation experience they’re hoping for–-your Fijian hosts make sure of that.

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