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Sports have been an integral and institutionalized part of the Hanoi educational system for years. Many resources are still committed to the study and improvement of martial arts such as tae kwon do and wushu, two disciplines in which Vietnam is world renowned. Ping-Pong and badminton are also determinedly pursued.


Hanoi Bicycle Collective. While nobody would call frenetic Hanoi a cyclist's paradise, the Hanoi Bicycle Collective is doing its best to encourage...


Bowling is a popular activity for Vietnam's trendy young urbanites. If your image of bowling includes folks in matching shirts, you're in for...


King's Island Golf & Country Club. King's Island Golf & Country Club is a gorgeous course surrounded by the beautiful Tan Vien Mountain...


No sport captures the attention and hearts of the Vietnamese quite like soccer. The game's biggest crowds are down in Ho Chi Minh City, but...


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