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Plan Your Sri Lanka Vacation

Sri Lanka is the quintessential Southeast Asian holiday destination wherein everything falls perfectly into place. Monsoons aside, the sky is the deepest blue and the sun shines bright. The island nation is home to lush tropical forests and an enormous amount of biodiversity, including more than 140 species of frogs. Its history is rich, and strong physical evidence remains in the form of Buddhist temples, Dutch forts, and Colonial buildings. Cycle, swim, sail, and surf your way around the country; you’ll need the exercise to take advantage of Sri Lanka’s fiery cuisine, which is heavily influenced by neighboring India.


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Top Reasons To Go

  1. Play With Your Food Eating with your hands—right only, be careful—is the norm in Sri Lanka.
  2. Cycle the Coast Pick up a bike in Colombo and hit the road; try traversing the country’s magnificent coastline.
  3. Feel the Burn Sri Lanka’s cuisine is influenced by some of the fiery flavors of India; the dizzying array of spices will leave your mouth tingling.
  4. Be One with Nature Despite its diminutive size, 23 percent of flora and 16 percent of the fauna in Sri Lanka is native and unique.
  5. Walk Back in Time History is well preserved in Sri Lanka, from the 16th-century botanic gardens to Middle Ages ruins.

When To Go

When to Go

Peak Season: December to March Hotels tend to overbook during this period, when European holiday makers pack the beaches. Chinese New Year...

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