A 10% national consumption tax is added to all hotel bills. There is also a local Tokyo tax of ¥100 per night for bills between ¥10,000 and ¥14,999 and ¥200 for bills over ¥15,000.

At first-class, full-service, and luxury hotels, a 10% service charge is added to the bill in place of individual tipping. At more expensive ryokans, where individualized maid service is provided, the service charge is usually 15%. At business hotels, minshuku, youth hostels, and economy inns, no service charge is added to the bill.

There's an across-the-board, nonrefundable 10% consumption tax levied on all sales. Authorized tax-free shops knock the tax off purchases over ¥10,000 if you show your passport and a valid tourist visa. A large sign is displayed at such shops. A 10% tax is also added to all restaurant bills. At more expensive restaurants a 10%–15% service charge can be added to the bill. Tipping is not customary.

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