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This Hotel Room Is $1 a Night, but There’s a Catch (and It’s Worse Than You Think)

I have one word for you right now: Yikes!

A hotel in Fukuoka City on Kyushu Island in Japan is offering you a chance to stay in one of their hotel rooms for only $1.19 (130 yen) a night. But there’s a catch. And it’s slightly disturbing. The hotel, Business Ryokan Asahi, will live stream your entire stay on their YouTube channel.

The reason that they are doing this is simple: The particular hotel room, No. 8, was the least popular, and they wanted to give people a reason to…want to stay in it. And apparently, putting people on the internet was just the way to do it.

There is no place to hide in this live-streamed room—the camera covers the whole space (except for the bathroom). There is no audio, so at least people will not be able to hear you. But, still, we have questions.

Our Initial Questions, Answered

So there is DEFINITELY something weird going on with this room, right? Like it looks weird inside?

Nope! It’s a very regular Japanese-style guestroom with tatami reed flooring, complete with a folded futon sleeping mat, a table, hot water kettle, and a television.

Is this some weird sex thing?

No. In fact, nudity is prohibited. As a rule, you must change clothes in a shared bathroom. Sexual activity, by yourself or with others, is also strictly prohibited. So, it’s exactly the opposite of “some weird sex thing.”

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I don’t know what to tell you.

Is there a quota for how much time you have to spend in the room?

No, there does not appear to be a quota—you just come and go as you please.

Can you turn the lights off?

Yes, and there does not appear to be night-vision capabilities.

Is it REALLY only 130 yen a night?

Yes, it really is. However, it does include a coin-operated heater/air conditioning unit, so if you want (or need) to adjust the temperature, you’ll be shelling out 100 yen for two hours—making it absolutely a possibility that you will be paying more for heat or air conditioning than you did for the room itself.

Why would an actual business think this, this insane thing, is a selling point?

Well, to be honest—not sure! But as a PR generator, it’s working because we’re talking about it, so my guess is that probably has something to do with it.

Where can I see the YouTube stream?

You can find the stream at this link, and also involve yourself in the chat, as well.

Can you just take a screenshot of what’s going on in there right now so I can see?


Someone is currently just standing there.

Some More Questions That You Might Have

Would the viewers enjoy it if I decided to sing through the original Broadway recording of Sweeney Todd? Is that copyright infringement?

They might enjoy it, yes, possibly, but please remember that there is no audio, so, it will just look like you are putting on some sort of silent play. But you are not at risk for copyright infringement because truly no one could possibly prove you’re doing any specific thing at all, again, they cannot hear you.

May I show my new dance to the viewers?

You may show any sort of dance that you made up, and I am assuming you can also show them dances that are already in existence. Again, it will appear as if you are dancing to silence, so keep this in mind.

Can I bring my own camera and also film me while I am being filmed by them?

It does not state anywhere in the terms that you are not allowed to also be filming yourself while they are filming you, so yes, you could probably do this if you would like to for some reason.

Can I give a PowerPoint presentation to the viewers of the live steam, if I bring my own slide projector?

I see nothing anywhere that says you are not allowed to do this.

Great. Is there any subject matter that I am NOT allowed to present about, in my presentation?

Probably just anything involving nudity and sex is not allowed, since that’s the thing that’s not allowed, generally.

I’m done asking questions.


Wait, I have one more.


No, it’s regular.

Okay, what is it?

Where can I book a stay in this hotel room?

You can book a stay for Room No. 8 at the Business Ryokan Asahi via their website.

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