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  • Plan Your Madagascar Vacation

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Plan Your Madagascar Vacation

No wonder Madagascar inspired a Disney animated movie of the same name—no less than five percent of the world’s animal and plant species are unique to this island nirvana, populating its dry desert, its deep green rain forest, and it’s long and stunningly beautiful coastline. Offshore is equally abundant, with dozens of islands and a barrier reef providing shelter to the marine life. All this beauty has attracted many groups, giving the island a melting-pot culture; it’s easy to see why, once they visit, people don’t want to leave.


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Top Reasons To Go

  1. Wildlife Wonderland The amazing array of animals seems pulled from a child’s storybook. See wide-eyed aye-ayes, adorable lemurs, colorful birds, and fierce crocodiles at preserves and national parks.
  2. Drop a Line The fishing off of Madagascar is some of the world’s best, and guides know all the prime spots. While you’re out, remember to look for humpback whales.
  3. Color Your World Miles of coastline afford kaleidoscopic sunrise and sunset views. Snorkelers are treated to shades of blue dotted with rainbow fish and sea creatures. Wild orchids and hundreds of other plants provide a vibrant backdrop.
  4. Environmental Diversity Lush jungles, high peaks, shrub-filled valley floors, and stark rock faces are just some of the landscapes you’ll encounter here.

When To Go

When to Go

Peak Season: May to October The dry season attracts the largest number of tourists, especially at Easter and Christmas and during the European...

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