Calling Within Kenya: Local landline calls are quite cheap, but hotels add hefty surcharges to phone calls. Prepaid cards for public telephones can be purchased at cafés, newsstands, convenience stores, and telephone company offices. City codes are (020) for Nairobi, (041) for Mombasa, (042) for Malindi, (040) for Diani Beach, and (012) for Lamu; include the first 0 when you dial within the country. When making a phone call in Kenya, always use the full 10-digit number, including the area code, even if you're in the same area.


Airtel directory enquiries. 232; 073/3100–100.

Orange directory enquiries. 100; 020/222–1000.

Safaricom directory enquiries. 200; 072/200–2200;

Calling Outside Kenya: When dialing out from Kenya, dial 000 before the international code. So, for example, you would dial 000 (0001) for the United States. Other country codes are 00044 for the United Kingdom, 00027 for South Africa, and 00033 for France.

Access Codes

MCI WorldPhone. 0800/220–111;

Mobile Phones

The biggest mobile-phone service providers in Kenya are Airtel, Safaricom, and Orange. You can buy a Kenyan pay-as-you-go SIM card for your mobile phone (from one of the service-provider stores—there's no shortage of them) and top up the airtime as you need it.


Airtel. 073/3100–100;

Orange. 100; 020/222–1000;

Safaricom. 200; 072/200-2200;

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