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Sloths Luxuriate Alongside Guests at Costa Rican Resort

As cute as they are sedentary—over a dozen sloths now call this sanctuary home.

As a guest of Nayara Resorts in Costa Rica not only are you likely to encounter macaws and tree frogs during your stay, you might just have the honor of seeing a sloth luxuriating in the trees overhead. The sloth population has been threatened due to the encroachment of human development, but the recently opened sloth sanctuary at Nayara Resorts has provided a safe haven for these delightfully chill animals.

sloth room
sloth baby
 Nayara Resorts

Originally, the sanctuary was home to just one or two sloths, but that changed once Nayara tapped into that most relatable of motivating factors—snacks. After planting 300 Cecropia trees—the sloth’s main food source—the sanctuary was able to attract more than 15 sloths.

sloth pool
Nayara Resorts
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