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We Want to Know: Have You Ever Been Underwhelmed By a Travel Destination?

Fodor’s editors are curious: What hotspots would you consider to be not-spots?

We want to hear from you. Tell us which destinations have totally and completely underwhelmed you.

We’ve already posted the question to our Facebook audience and gotten an earful. One of our followers: “Key West. The drive down is monotonous…and the island itself is overcrowded and uninspiring. ” Another quipped, “Mount Rushmore. It was very impressive and the view beautiful, but after about five minutes I was ready to go.” However, not everyone feels some sort of way: “I’m happy to be fortunate enough to travel, I’m rarely underwhelmed,” one reader answered. Now, we’re taking this question to you, forum users. What destination have you visited that you’ve felt completely underwhelmed by?

Take your answers to the forum here.

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