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Traveling With Tots? Here’s How to Get Them to Nap

The little ones can really use the rest while on they are on vacation, but it’s not always easy.

Children are best behaved when they are well rested, and let’s face it … so are adults. However, a sleep-deprived kid can make life miserable for everyone, especially when traveling. Fortunately, with some advance planning and creative thinking, normal sleep routines don’t have to be forgotten, nor does nap-time have to impede your ability to have a good time on your trip. Lisa Furuland, Dock-A-Tot founder and mother of two, provided Fodor’s with ways to still enjoy your trip while making sure baby gets proper sleep.

Trade off Nap Sitting Times

Take turns nap-sitting with your significant other. One of you watches the baby while the other gets to cross something off their personal vacation bucket list or spends time with your other kids. It’s a great time to sneak in a little nap yourself or have some me time to watch a movie or read a book.

Multi-Purpose Rental Car

If you’ve rented a car, take a scenic drive during baby’s nap time while baby snoozes in the car seat.

Plan Nap Time Around Meals

Plan meal time to coincide with baby’s naps. Make sure to bring a reclining stroller so baby can snooze while you enjoy a long and relaxing adult meal.

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Plan Ahead for Naptime Conditions

Pack items that feel and smell comforting and familiar to your baby, like crib sheets and/or blankets from home or your little one’s favorite stuffed animal or blankie. The feel and smell of these items will help a young child transition better to a new sleeping environment. Don’t feel like you need to bring the entire collection, just some of your child’s favorite things.

Adjusting from Vacation Back to Home Routine

Try and keep activities very light for a day or two when returning home to really focus on getting your child’s nap and bedtime schedule back in place. These days will also help you recuperate and become familiar again with your daily routines.

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