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Top International Travel Tips from Fodor’s Readers

Even though Fodor's editors are already travel experts, we're always looking for new tips and tricks that will make us even savvier the next time we hit the road. We asked readers like you for suggestions in our forum; here are our favorite international travel tips that readers submitted.

Health and Safety

  • Get a Rx from your family doctor for a antibiotic and fill it before you leave. Hopefully you won't need it. (NGail)


  • If you need to get visa for a country, make sure you have a totally empty page in your passport and that page says “Visa” on the top. (ileen)
  • If you have a smartphone, create documents with all your reservation confirmation numbers, hotel addresses, flight info etc. and store them on your phone so you can access them without a data connection. (ShelliDawn)


  • Bring a highlighter to mark your hotel and other points of interest on a throwaway map (aliced)
  • Use your smartphone to take a picture of your rental car and the license plate. When you get to the desk of the hotel, they will likely ask you for those details. (DonnaD44)
  • Always stay in your departure city the night before a flight. (WWK)
  • Always check what type of petrol your rental car takes. (maitaitom)
  • When you are in a new city, carry the business card of your hotel and taxi fare in local currency with you, so you can get back “home” if you are lost or tired. (Suze)


  • We often stay at convents and monasteries, especially in expensive cities like Rome or Venice. They are usually located in the old part of town and are a pleasant change from less personal hotels. (Saraho)

Remembering Your Trip

  • Buy a postcard every day, preferably of something you've done or seen that day, and at the end of the day write a few notes on it about what you did that day. The space is limited, so you won't drone on forever, and at the end of your trip you'll have an automatic trip diary with pictures. (godesstogo)
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