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These Are the Perfect Trips to Take, Based Entirely on Your Enneagram Personality

How to plan a trip based on your Enneagram.

Planning a trip—especially a group trip—can be a huge stressor that raises many questions: Who are you inviting? Will everyone get along? Do you choose a hotel or a vacation rental? Which Insta-worthy destination should you pick? What kind of vibe are you going for? It can be pure madness.

Whenever I plan group trips, the challenging part is creating an itinerary that everyone would love. Typically, I ask everyone to share a list of things they must experience. The list includes any activities, attractions, and dining preferences. It ensures that everyone feels like it’s their vacation too. For the most part, our interests, thankfully, overlap. However, fusing a love of travel with the “obsession” of taking personality quizzes might be the solution to group trip planning mayhem. It can also help in planning solo, family, or romantic getaways.

What Is the Enneagram Personality Test?

There are quite a few versions of personality tests, with Enneagram being one of the popular ones. Through a series of questions and hypothetical scenarios, it characterizes our base personalities into nine types. Of course, you can dive into the depths of the results, beyond the surface-level descriptors and character explanations to explore strengths, weaknesses, and quirks about each type.

Before you head on your next trip, you and your travel buddies can take the Enneagram test here to find out what personality type you are. By understanding your (or your travel partner’s) personality, you can plan a vacation that meets all needs and allows you to have a fulfilling, enjoyable experience. So let’s get into the various types and what trip might best be suited to their personalities.

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Type 1: The Reformers may enjoy trips centered around wellness, self-improvement, or mission-focused trips. A good reset is perfect for these travelers. They may enjoy traveling to places like the Drala Mountain Center in Colorado or the Bali Silent Retreat in Indonesia.

Type 2: The Helpers thrive in settings that foster connections, relationship-building, and being around others. They may be channeling their inner Griswalds and want a family vacation or to be part of a group tour. They may enjoy traveling to places like Banff National Park in Canada or someplace like Disney World.

Type 3: The Achievers enjoy having a bit of praise. It makes adventure challenges something worth incorporating into their travels. However, they also enjoy indulging in the finer things of life, so luxury adventures are right up their alley too. Experiencing the top of the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building is the world, is a feat they may like to cross off their bucket list. But they could also enjoy an afternoon soaking up the local culture and basking in luxury at The Beverly Hills Hotel.

Type 4: Individualists look for travel adventures that are unique and original. They like trips that leave them feeling inspired. They may find comfort in destinations that spark “the road-less-traveled” feeling. These travelers might like the idea of staying at the Zen Hideaway in Ubud–an Airbnb location that introduced billed as the birthplace of the Bali swing.

Type 5: The Investigators like to dig deep, even when traveling. They want to get in and get their hands dirty, fully immersing themselves in what’s happening around them. For them, trips focused on research or those that go beyond tourist traps would be perfect. A language or cultural immersion trip in Berlin would be fun for them. Or they may also like taking a cooking class from a local chef. But in true investigator fashion, they would probably want to learn how the ingredients are sourced and used locally.

Type 6: The Loyalists prefer to stick to what they know. While they can be random at times, they will benefit best from packaged deals or exploring with a guide or a group. It gives them a much-appreciated safety net. Something they may enjoy is a tour guided by locals and residents of the destination. Tours by Locals offers globally, through places like Ecuador, South Africa, and Hawaii.

Type 7: Enthusiasts will benefit from adventures that allow them to explore freely and at random. These are the kind of travelers who may backpack through a country for an undisclosed amount of time. Or they may gas up the Chevy for a spontaneous road trip. They will also do incredibly well on a cruise because there is so much to explore on and off the ship.

Type 8: Challengers are looking for just that, a challenge. Think extreme sports, ninja warrior courses, wilderness adventures, and taking risks. Trekking through South Africa’s Kreuger National Park or participating in adrenaline-fueled sports like ziplining in Whistler, British Columbia will be ideal for challenge-loving travelers.

Type 9: The Peacemakers are about peace, tranquility, and chill vibes. Vacations centering on spa treats, beach days, and easy-going are up their alley. Barcelona’s Barceloneta Beach or the Amatara Wellness Resort in Phuket would be perfect for this enneagram type.

Of course, the best tip for planning a trip is to remember to be flexible, open, respectful, and accommodating. Now that you know you and your travel buddies Enneagram, the possibilities for crafting the perfect getaway are endless.