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You Can Score the Lowest Airline Fares With This Website. If You Know How to Use It

The best tips for locating the best fares using

Since the year began, we’ve watched the cost of airline tickets soar to new heights. Prices have risen so much that some cruise lines, hotel chains, and tour operators are offering travelers incentives and discounts, allowing them to save money on their own services just so the traveler can spend it on their airline ticket. In turn, the savings would allow them to still book and take the journey they’ve been planning.

Outside of the recent surge, airline tickets rise and fall normally throughout the year. Even when prices are high, a little bit of planning will allow you to find the best flight at the right price. Knowing where and how to look for the best ticket is also important–so we suggest you familiarize yourself with Skyscanner, one of the best tools for finding affordable flights.

If you’ve never used it before–and even if you have–here are a few tips to get the most out of

Stay on Budget

Budgeting for a trip is a necessity, and ensuring your airline tickets meet your price point or at least fall within an acceptable range, is a must. You need the extra cash to go out and enjoy the destination, right? Sign up for price alerts if you’re booking far in advance and want to ensure you’re viewing the best deal. After activation, Skyscanner will notify you when the price of a specific flight route on your specific travel days drops. This way, you can track prices and book when they are at their lowest.

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Dates Matter

You should always keep this in mind when planning a trip: some days are more expensive to fly than others. Skyscanner has made it easy to view the price difference if you arrive or depart a few days before or after your preferred dates. After running a search, use their calendar function to click left and right and change your departure or arrival date to the days before and after those that were searched. This will then display how those changes would impact your ticket price.

Airline tickets are generally higher on Thursdays and Fridays because it’s understood that these are the days folks usually start their weekend. Alternatively, Sundays are also expensive as it’s the day travelers return from their trips. Mondays are also higher as it’s the start of the work week and business travelers are thought to begin their trips, and some vacation goers who had a long weekend and are still returning home. You’ll generally find cheaper tickets if you can travel Tuesday or Wednesday.

Destination: Unknown

If you know you need a vacation but don’t have a specific destination in mind or need some inspiration, Skyscanner allows you to see the cheapest flights based on your preferred departure airport and travel dates. When selecting your destination airport, choose the “Everywhere” option and discover cheap flights to destinations worldwide. Be sure to change your dates, too, doing so will unlock other destinations at an affordable price.

Airport Alternates

If you’re lucky enough to live in a city with multiple airports or travel to a city where you plan to rent a car, check out the pricing at alternate airports nearby.

Sometimes the flights from nearby airports may be cheaper because of increased airline competition, airfare sales being targeted to this specific location, or simply because a cheaper airline serves one airport and not the other.

After running your Skyscanner search, check for the “Airports” filter. You’ll be able to see the nearby airports to your preferred departure and arrival location and allow the search to display the available fares. If you were planning to rent a car at your destination, arriving at a cheaper airport may also mean cheaper rental car rates, too.

Connections May Cost Less

Most travelers enjoy getting from point A to point B as quickly as possible. However, you may be able to save money if you make a connection. Skyscanner search allows you to display or hide all non-stop flight options and the flight routings that call for a connection. These ticket prices may be cheaper than the non-stop option. Just remember to keep in mind your total travel time, including the connection and time between flights. Sometimes the savings isn’t worth the loss of time at your destination or the increased possibility of a delayed or canceled flight interrupting your whole experience.