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Gucci Brand Is Literally Going Places

Gucci Places will explore destinations that inspire the fashion house.

The travel platform ‘Gucci Places’ is coming to the fashion label’s app come September and promises to give Gucci fans insight into the destinations that have inspired collections over the brand’s 96 years.

The first Gucci Place will be Chatsworth in Derbyshire, England, where Gucci is currently supporting an extensive exhibition of clothing and memorabilia entitled House Style, and served as the location of the Gucci Cruise advertising campaign.

Gucci Travel

Badges will be awarded to app users who are into that sort of thing, but mostly it will be cool to see the how destinations have inspired creative designs by the label. Geo-location services will alert app users to the proximity of a Gucci Place, so they can discover “interesting and unexpected stories and particulars about these places…sharing in the House’s enthusiasm for this eclectic collection of locations.”

For fashionistas and dapper dandies, this could be a cool way to weave some style into your vacation.

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