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12 Spots in North America to Experience Pantone’s 2023 Color of the Year

Viva Magenta!

Officially labeled PANTONE 18-1750, Pantone’s newly declared 2023 color of the year is called “Viva Magenta” and is a deep pinkish-purple tone meant to evoke a positive sense of emotion and inspire upbeat energy. This lively color is no stranger to natural or man-made designs and can be found in more than a dozen spots across North America—from the landscapes of Los Mexico to the mountainous red rocks of Southern Utah.

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The Desert Hues of Arizona

The state of Arizona is a mecca of magenta. Spy this color on the prickly pear fruit found on the nopal cactus, abundant in the Sonoran Desert (used to make everything from jam and vinaigrettes to candy and prickly pear margaritas). See the color in The Grand Canyon’s gorgeous sunsets shining deep hues of pinkish-purple reflecting off the cavern walls under a star-speckled sky. You can even see Viva Magenta in the bright bougainvillea bushes that cover the buildings in urban areas and grow wild in rural landscapes, creating a sea of dark pink in the desert.

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The Natural Colors of Los Cabos, Mexico

Los Cabos, Mexico, is painted in an array of bright colors, and Magenta is one of the most memorable tones. See the tens of thousands of popping dark pink bougainvillea adorning every inch of the luxury resort, Grand Velas Los Cabos, and the upscale boutique hotel next door, Mar del Cabo. In downtown San Jose Del Cabo, travelers can see colorful buildings painted in the dedicated 2023 Pantone hue. Over at the new hot spot The Office on the Beach (which has nothing to do with “working” and everything to do with enjoying a beachfront cocktail), you’ll see Viva Magenta in the papel picado hanging from the ceiling, the entire wall space behind the bar, and items like the tablecloths and placemats.

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Magenta Guest Rooms at the W Toronto

One of the two “Extreme WOW” presidential suites at the W Toronto is decked out in magenta decor—from the carpet to the chairs, to the curtains, and even the throw pillows. This brand is known to value design, using elements of local art inspiration, which means this entire property is popping with color. But since shades of purple have always been a symbol suggesting royalty, it’s only fitting that one of the hotel’s nicest rooms would be dripping in this deep, jewel-toned pinkish-blue hue.

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The Snow-Capped Red Rock Mountains of Southern Utah

In any season, mountain resorts in Southern Utah showcase scenes of pinks and purples blending against the skyline and reflecting off the red rocks when the sun sinks behind the horizon. In the winter, it’s an especially scenic sight when the magenta-hued sunsets reflect off the snow. Whether skiing, hiking, mountain biking, or just sitting at the lodge and enjoying a beverage, visitors can admire the colors as Utah’s open sky transforms right above them, and Mother Nature puts on a show.

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Public Art in St. Pete, Florida

Miami’s Wynwood District gets most of the credit for Florida street art, but in St. Pete, visitors can explore a plethora of public art along Central Avenue downtown. In addition to the 500-plus murals (there’s even an annual festival dedicated to painting each October), the Bending Arc display at the St. Pete Pier transforms into shades of pink and purple. This aerial work of art by artist Janet Echelman spans 424 feet and measures 72 feet at its tallest point. It’s made up of 1,662,528 knots and 180 miles of twine, appearing a normal silver color by day—but by night, turns a gorgeous hue of dark pink, lighting up the park.

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Magenta Wine in California’s Santa Maria Valley

In California, wines come in 50 shades of red, including magenta, such as in the Santa Maria Valley, where Pinot Noir and Syrah both offer magenta hues. This wine region unfolds along the northern perimeter of Santa Barbara County, on California’s Central Coast, and is an underrated region for “blue jean wine tasting” (a less pretentious wine-tasting experience than those found in Napa Valley). Pinot Noir is a flavorful, light-bodied red grape that produces spicy, acidic, and versatile wines. Syrah, sometimes known as Shiraz, is also responsible for some of the darkest magenta hues and most full-bodied red wines. This wine is known to have berry undertones but can also offer notes of mint, pepper, and rosemary.

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Street Art in San Antonio Street, Texas

In San Antonio, discover “Sabor del Mercado ” by artist David Blancas, perched on the steps of Centro de Artes Gallery in San Antonio’s Historic Market Square. This replica of an oversized blue and magenta popsicle sculpture measures 10 feet tall and was created with acrylic on wood with resin. Blancas is an accomplished mural artist with pieces that can be found throughout San Antonio, and he has created over 50 renditions of this beloved frozen treat. His “paleta ” sculptures—Spanish for “popsicle”—are meant to be a nod to childhood nostalgia and chasing down an ice cream truck in the summertime.

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Miami Beach’s Dedicated Pantone Artechouse Exhibit

Explore Miami Beach’s dedicated Pantone ARTECHOUSE Exhibit in an experience that features technology-driven art in collaboration with Pantone. Using the 2023 color of the year, the exhibit creates a show offering an immersive way to enjoy the energy of Viva Magenta. This exhibit is the fourth annual collaboration between these two well-known brands and will be displayed throughout Spring of 2023. Visitors will experience this immersive and experiential art installation through multiple senses and feel the tones of the color in more ways than one.

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The Flower Fields of Carlsbad, California

For six decades, Southern California has celebrated the start of Spring with the opening of The Flower Fields in Carlsbad, California, which has become a beloved annual tradition. Even though it rarely drops below 60 degrees Fahrenheit in this North San Diego town, when the flower fields start to burst out in color, it’s a signal that Spring has sprung. From March to May, the Flower Fields host a range of special events giving visitors a chance to enjoy activities like teatime in the gardens, outdoor concerts, yoga classes, dinners, and other events in the flower fields, included with the price of admission.

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Madison, Wisconsin’s Pantone Botanical Garden Exhibit

Every year, the Olbrich Botanical Gardens in Madison, Wisconsin, plants one of its gardens in honor of the annual Pantone color. Although the exact flowers to be planted this year are still to be determined, there’s always plenty to see since these gardens are open year-round. In addition to the dedicated area, which will be planted this year to feature flowers of magenta tones, guests can explore the 16 acres of outdoor display gardens and the climate-controlled indoor, tropical conservatory.

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Umbrella Alley Walkway in Chattanooga, Tennessee

Umbrella Alley in Chattanooga, Tennessee, is undoubtedly one of this southern city’s most Instagrammable locations. Offering a kaleidoscope of multi-color umbrellas suspended above the walkway, this art installation is a lovely sight to behold while strolling through the neighborhood and surrounding buildings of the West Village area. Featuring energetic pops of hues—including blue, purple, and orange—one of the standout shades is no doubt the dots of magenta that rain (or, rather, protect from the rain) above.

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Cranberry Bog Harvesting in Washington State

 Washington state’s Long Beach Peninsula region utilizes a wet method to harvest cranberries that onlookers are welcome to watch, which involves flooding the bogs and using a machine fixed with paddles that beat the berries off the vines. These berries float to the top of the water and cover the bog in a layer of color that, on a sunny morning, is a near-perfect match with Viva Magenta. Harvest happens each year from late September and can extend as late as November.