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The 10 Weirdest Things Passengers Were Caught Traveling With

This calls for a confiscation!

Have you seen photos of Kim Kardashian at the airport with a full-size pillow? Or, heard about passengers traveling with an Instant Pot and cooking ingredients—to cook at their hotel room? The Travel Security Administration (TSA) may allow pots and pans, but some things are a hard no everywhere. Say, a dead shark, live pigeons, or a sedated tiger cub. This escalated quickly, didn’t it?

There are so many illegal and downright unimaginable things that travelers try to sneak past airport security that the TSA has made an Instagram account to share the anecdotes—you’d love the puns in their captions. We’ve rounded up the weirdest things people have traveled with (or tried to) that’ll make you go, “What were they thinking!”

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Human Corpse Prop

In 2016, TSA screened a corpse at the Atlanta International Airport. Nubbin was a prop from the movie Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2. Bet you’d never want to sit next to a ghastly passenger like this!

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Comb Knife

This April, at the Boston Logan International Airport, a pretty in pink comb was flagged by the officers. It was a concealed knife, which isn’t allowed to be carried in a carry-on.

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Giant Teddy

Five years ago, the officers at the Los Angeles International Airport refused to let a cute passenger go through security. It was a beary sad situation.

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Baby Shark

It happened at the Syracuse Hancock International Airport in New York. A baby shark was found in a carry-on last year and of course, it was confiscated. 

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Replica Bomb

Real bombs and explosives are not allowed, that’s obvious, but a replica bomb also gets onto the no-fly list—not even in check-in baggage.

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Assault Rifle

At the Newark Liberty International Airport, the officers caught an assault rifle and ammunition concealed under the lining of a checked bag. They are illegal in New Jersey, so not only were they seized, but passengers traveling with them were arrested. There are very specific rules about transporting arms. They can go in check-in baggage, unloaded, and locked in a hard-sided container. They should also be declared at the counter.

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A passenger tried to transport their cat in their checked-in bag. Thankfully, it was found and rescued by an officer at the Erie International Airport in Pennsylvania. Please don’t do this to your pet!

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Gun-shaped Toilet Paper Holder

Again, no weapon replicas are allowed in the carry-on. If you want to travel with such things, they go into your checked suitcase. That also goes for a mermaid knife, a slingshot, alarm/speaker firearm, a lipstick knife, and a finger claw weapon.

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Loaded Pistol

It is unsettling that so many people try to carry loaded pistols in their carry-ons. They weren’t successful, but what a blatant disregard for rules and safety. According to the TSA, in a month, TSA found 374 firearms in carry-ons and 333 were loaded! 

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Personalized Hatchet

A groom packed this 10-inch hatchet in his check-in bag. It has his name and a wedding date inscribed on it. If someone gives you such a deadly gift, pack it in your suitcase or leave it behind.