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11 Incredible Book-Themed Hotels and Hotel Rooms

Inside the elegant, elaborate, and adorable hotels inspired by your favorite page-turners.

Sometimes travelers hop on a plane to get away, and other times they read a book to transport them to a different time and place. Other times, those who love to read can combine the best of both worlds and stay at a hotel with ties to their favorite books and authors. Whether you love Shakespeare, the Shire, or swoon-worthy romance, these literary-themed hotels will immerse you in your favorite tales of suspense, whimsy, and adventure.

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Le Grand Balcon Hotel

WHERE: Toulouse, France

Although Antoine Saint-Exupery wrote his most famous novel, The Little Prince in New York, he penned three other novels while staying at Le Grand Balcon Hotel in Toulouse, France. Today, the hotel has renovated Saint-Exupery’s former living quarters in Room 32 into a tribute to the famed author and aviator. The room is decorated with antiques from the 1930s, including a simple art deco desk like the one Saint-Exupery may have used to write on while a hotel guest.

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The Curtis Hotel

WHERE: Denver, Colorado

Calling all superheroes! The Curtis Hotel has you covered if you have ever dreamt about stepping foot inside a comic book. The hotel’s Comic Book Heroes-themed room is decorated from floor to ceiling with classic comic images. The room is stocked with vintage snacks and toys. Bring your own comics or read the book of comics available in the room. Beyond the comic room, the hotel itself is a big art gallery filled with pop art from national and local artists. Superpowers not included with stay.

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Brighton Wonderland

WHERE: Brighton, England

Brighton Wonderland consists of two Alice-In-Wonderland-themed hotels, Wonderland House and Looking Glass Cottage. Every inch of both properties is dedicated to Lewis Carroll’s famous tale of Alice’s mind-bending adventures down the rabbit hole. Stay in rooms devoted to the Tweddles twins, The Looking Glass, Flamingo Dreams, or The Queen of Hearts. Dine at an Enchanted Table in the Madhatter Banqueting Room, complete with oversized teacups for seats.  Returning to the real world may be a little jarring after experiencing Alice’s underground adventure first-hand.

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Woodlyn Park

WHERE: New Zealand

Anyone who loves Lord of the Rings has probably dreamed of living in the Shire. Woodlyn Park, located very close to The Hobbit movie set, houses a complex of unique accommodations. Among them is a “Hobbit Hotel” built deep into a hillside. Watch sheep and a donkey graze outside through large, round windows just like the ones in Bilbo Baggins’ Hobbit Hole.

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Black Swann Inn

WHERE: Pocatello, Idaho

Star-crossed lovers Romeo and Juliet never had the chance to set up house together, but if they had, their abode might look like the suite that bears their name in the Black Swann Inn. A hand-painted mural depicts lush castle grounds, there is a romantic heart-shaped soaking tub, and the bed is draped with a rich brocade comforter. And, yes, there is a balcony.

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The Georgian House Hotel

WHERE: London, England

While it’s not quite the same as Hogwarts, spending a night in one of The Georgian House Hotel’s wizarding chambers might be the next best thing. Wizards and witches enter their chambers by passing through a candlelit hallway complete with shadow figures dancing on the walls, just like those experienced by young students in the Harry Potter series. Guest rooms resemble castles with faux stained-glass windows. Four-poster beds draped velvet curtains, cauldrons, and tapestries. The hotel also offers a bewitched breakfast, wizarding tea, and potion-making class.

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Sylvia Beach Hotel

WHERE: Newport, Oregon

The Sylvia Beach Hotel is a literary hotel through and through. The hotel bears the name of an expatriate American bookseller and publisher who opened the Shakespeare and Company bookstore in Paris. Each of the hotel’s rooms is styled after a different author, including one based on Virginia Wolf’s A Room of One’s Own. Other rooms are themed to authors as diverse as John Steinbeck, Amy Tan, Dr. Suess, and Alice Walker. This hotel does not have any Wi-Fi, televisions, or telephones. It does have a large library with a wood-burning fireplace and beautiful views of the beach. That makes this hotel a popular destination for those who want to truly immerse themselves in their favorite book—or write their own.


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Pacific Inn Motel

WHERE: Forks, Washington

The popular Twilight series takes readers deep into a supernatural world of vampires and werewolves. The books (and movies) are set in Forks, Washington, and Pacific Inn Motel appropriately features black and red Twilight-themed rooms. Rooms are decorated with dark, Twilight-themed décor and perfect for anyone who visits Forks in search of the full vampire experience.

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Hotel Le Swann

WHERE: Paris, France

Wander to each floor of this Marcel Proust-themed hotel to explore a different place described by the author in his epic seven-volume novel In Search of Lost Time. Guests can visit Combray, Balbec, the Verdurin salon, Faubourg Saint-Germain, and Venice without leaving the hotel. Hotel Le Swann also has a library with Proust’s books, paintings, and photographs that help visitors dive even deeper into the world of Marcel Proust.

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Seelbach “Hilton” Hotel

WHERE: Louisville, Kentucky

F. Scott Fitzgerald met notorious bootlegger George Remus at the Seelbach Hotel, which is mentioned by name in The Great Gatsby. Remus is believed to have inspired the character Jay Gatsby; Tom and Daisy Buchanan tie the knot in the Seelbach’s Grand Ballroom; and parts of the 2013 Baz Luhrmann adaptation of the novel were filmed at the hotel. To honor Fitzgerald’s connection to the hotel, an opulent Fitzgerald Suite and tours of the hotel focus heavily on the hotel’s Great Gatsby and F. Scott Fitzgerald’s connection. Just ask for a copy of The Great Gatsby at the front desk to complete your stay.

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Inn at BoonsBoro

WHERE: Boonsboro, Maryland

New York Times bestselling author Nora Roberts has written over 200 books, including a trilogy set at the BoonsBoro Inn. Roberts now owns the Inn and themed each room after a famous literary couple that had a happy ending, including Elizabeth and Darcy from Pride and Prejudice and Westley and Buttercup from The Princess Bride. The Inn includes a cozy library complete with a fireplace. If guests run out of books to read during their stay, they can head across the street to Turn The Page Bookstore, owned by Robert’s husband, Bruce Wilder. Roberts may even be holding a book signing at the bookstore!