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Across America in 10 Celebrity Sandwiches

A surprisingly delicious measure of celebrity fame.

If you’ve ever been to Los Angeles or New York City, the odds of having visited a restaurant that honors their past celebrity customers with a framed photo on the wall are high. Small diners, delis, and dim sum restaurants will line their walls with autographed photos of the entertainers who have considered that spot their go-to…but some take it a step farther.

A unique measurement of fame, the celebrity dish is nearly as hard to come by as an Oscar—they are something your favorite star might not admit to wanting but secretly craves every time they flash their smile at the deli. Whether a frequent feaster or a hometown-hero, these 10 celebrities made big enough impressions to warrant a meal with none-other than their name. From classic subs to the far from traditional, these are 10 celebrity sandwiches—from subs to burgers to hot dogs–to try as you explore the U.S.

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Frank Sinatra's “My Way of His Way-It’s the Best”

WHERE: Lioni Italian Heroes in Brooklyn, New York

Frank Sinatra is not the only star to get a hero at this Brooklyn sandwich shop with over 150 varieties. With a star-studded list of delicious looking subs, Lioni’s has become a popular lunch stop for busy New Yorkers looking for a quick bite of Italy. The Frank Sinatra sub is the first on the list and created to honor the famous singer and his love for salami and fresh mozzarella. If you’re looking for something simple and sure to please, Sinatra has got you covered.

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Martha Stewart Dog

WHERE: Pink’s Hot Dogs in Los Angeles, California

I know, I know: You think a hot dog isn’t a sandwich. But, guess what, Google says otherwise, so we’re including this delicious variation named after our favorite home-making felon. Pink’s Hot Dogs in L.A. usually has a line around the corner and a history to back it up. What was once a small cart is now a full-fledged stand (and L.A. staple) where you’re just as likely to run into an old friend as you are the guy from the movie you watched last night. And when Martha Stewart visited for a quick lunch, the owners were quick to make one up just for her. The Martha Stewart dog consists of relish, onion, bacon, tomatoes, sauerkraut, and sour cream: It’s got a finger in every pie, but then again, so does Martha.

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The Chuck Norris

WHERE: Two Beards Deli in Grand Rapids, Michigan

As someone known as a man’s man, it only makes sense that the Chuck Norris sandwich is piled high with meats. Michigan’s Two Beards Deli in Grand Rapids piles high roast beef, salami, ham, mortadella, and bacon, and then smothers this meat dish in cheese, mayo, and spicy brown mustard.

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The Dr. Fauci Burger

WHERE: Mr. Bartley’s in Cambridge, Massachusetts

This burger spot is a favorite among Harvard students in need of a late-night bite or post-exam feast. With a menu that changes by the news cycle, your chances of getting the same burger twice are slim. So, for those wanting to honor their most revered and doctor, Anthony Fauci, we’d recommend grabbing this blue-cheese and greens topped burger sooner rather than later.

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Michelle Melt

WHERE: Good Stuff Eatery in Washington, D.C.

Michelle Obama is known for many things: her wisdom, down to earth demeanor, style, and goal of getting every American to eat a little healthier. D.C.’s own Good Stuff Eatery, a burger joint with an emphasis on farm-fresh ingredients, knew the best way to honor the eat-right First Lady: a turkey burger in her name. The Michelle Melt features a free-range turkey patty, a handful of veggies, swiss cheese, and a whole-wheat bun. It perfectly represents Michelle Obama’s commitment to making healthy living fun (and tasty).

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High on Fire Burger

WHERE: Kuma’s Corner in Chicago, Illinois

Kuma’s is not where you go if you’re looking to enjoy a quiet night and elegant burger—it’s a place where you go to listen to your favorite heavy-metal throwbacks, smash beers, and devour some greasy but delicious patties. With a menu commemorating your favorite bands, you’ve got a whole world of heavy-metal burgers to pick from. The High on Fire Burger—named after the Oakland, California metal band—is sure to set your taste buds on fire. With red pepper, a sweet chili paste, and hot sauce, this burger is more than appropriately named.

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Hugh Hefner Sandwich

WHERE: Ike’s Love and Sandwiches in California, Arizona, Nevada, Texas, and Hawaii

Ike’s set itself up to be a unique sandwich shop when it opened its doors on Halloween night in 2007. Serving over 500 unique sandwiches across the West Coast for over ten years, you’re sure to find one you like, and might we recommend the one named for the most famous Playboy? Like Hugh Hefner, this sandwich is classic, with two different types of meat and provolone and smothered in Ike’s signature sauce.

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Obama Dog

WHERE: Chicago’s Dog House in Chicago, Illinois

While Michelle has a burger in D.C., former President Barack Obama has a hot-dog in the city where he got his start. Inspired by his Hawaiian roots, the Obama dog is loaded with pineapple, bacon, and teriyaki sauce. If Chicago names a hot dog after you, you know you’ve made it.

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The Neil Patrick Harris

WHERE: Papa Charlie’s Deli in Williamstown, Massachusetts

At this deli in Massachusetts, you’ll find a star-studded lineup and options for the most adventurous and the pickiest eaters. Papa Charlie’s has created a celebrity menu that isn’t inspired by their favorite stars but created by them. The Neil Patrick Harris, a creation of the How I Met Your Mother star’s mind, is a hot sandwich with grilled chicken, pickles, coleslaw, mustard, and BBQ sauce on a toasted roll. And if you’re wondering how NPH got lucky enough to add his own sandwich to the board, it was as easy as becoming a regular with a unique order.

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The L. DiCaprio

WHERE: Tony’s Italian Delicatessen in Montgomery, Texas

This Italian deli in small-town Texas has a habit of naming their sandwiches after famous Italian celebrities. There are the obvious sandwiches—the Al Pacino, the Stallone, the Joe Pesci—and then there is the one you might not have seen coming, The Leonardo DiCaprio. It’s hard to tell if there’s a specific reason for naming their chicken salad sandwich after the (yes, part-Italian) Oscar-winning actor, but who wouldn’t want to head to a counter to order themselves a Leo.