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A Gift Idea for Every Type of Traveler This Holiday Season

From the grandma that misses Disney to the dad who just bought a caravan.

The holiday season is here, but we know you probably have other things on your mind. While you might usually put serious time and thought into picking out the perfect gifts for your loved ones, this year is just different—I mean, what do you buy for relatives when there’s nowhere to go and no shops to browse for inspiration?

To help you along the way, we found the perfect gift for every type of traveler in your life. And, don’t worry, you can take all the credit for it.

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For the Person Who Travels With Pets

We’re not talking about your friend who signed their dog up to be an emotional support pet so they didn’t have to find a sitter. No, this is for the friend who spent the summer road-tripping with an anxious pet roaming around the back seat. If they’re needing a designated spot for their road trip companion, this dog booster seat is ideal for keeping their busy pet still, safe, and secure. And if road anxiety always strikes at the worst time, CBD calming chews may be the secret weapon they need to keep stashed in the glove box. By ensuring their pet has a positive road trip experience, you’re ensuring they do too.

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For the Person Who Travels With Kids

This person has been hitting the road with a probably not-so-quiet passenger in the backseat. For the person traveling with a kid this year, consider something that will make the trip easier for the kid, and in turn, make it easier for the parents. There’s the obvious iPad, where kids can watch movies and play games (this is a for the whole family gift). But for the parents that prefer less screen time for their car-seat passenger, consider something small, not messy, and totally time-consuming, like this origami book.

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For the Person Missing Disney

They haven’t been out at Disneyland demanding that the park reopen its gates, but they have been sharing photos from past trips to their Facebook every week—they miss that magical place. If you’re looking for something more unique than the gift shop offers, this Etsy shop specializes in Disney vintage collectibles—grab a Santa Mickey from the 80s or a commemorative patch from the ’70s. Or, if they’re wanting something to wear to the park once it reopens, Etsy’s Magic Design Co. makes one of a kind Mickey ears. These are perfect for exploring the new Star Wars park.

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For the Amateur Travel Photographer

This person’s Instagram feed could easily be mistaken for National Geographic. While photography might not be their job, it’s something they’re passionate about and they’re good at, too. While we’ll let them stick to the camera shopping (people tend to be particular with this), we can help them achieve that perfect shot in other ways. The GorillaPod is a less-than-traditional tripod—its legs bend and can be shaped to stand just about anywhere. Or, opt for this popular camera bag that is customizable (great for if you can’t remember exactly what make and model they have) and can fit just about anything—pack the laptop, camera, and the newly-acquired GorillaPod.

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For the Person Missing Their Island Glow

We’ve all got that loved one who’s filling their Instagram with sun-kissed pictures of their island-hopping adventures, wishing to go back to their carefree days in the sun. While we can’t promise a sea-side vacation, we can give them the glowing-skin experience at home with Virgin Suncare’s botanical body oil. This product is sustainably-sourced, incredibly luxurious, and nourishing to the skin. While they might not be able to sunbathe in the Mediterranean, they can use this Mediterranean-sourced body oil to get that glow and feel from the comfort of their own home (and why not throw in cute a beach towel for added-tanning measure?).

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For the Person Who Bought an RV

When it became clear that travel would need to be dramatically different this year, maybe you know someone who headed straight to the RV dealership and said, “I’ll take whatever you’ve got.” Well, now that they’ve got this new-fangled camper, they’re going to need some new-fangled accessories to make the trips even easier. This RV-specific GPS can help them find the best routes for their new vehicle—because mountains aren’t quite as easy when towing an entire home. And this portable propane fire lets your RV-er enjoy the fun of a night around the fire without the smell and mid-sleep panic of “I hope someone put out the fire.”

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OK, Maybe They Bought a Fixer-Upper

Not everyone was able to rush to the dealership and snag the best RV in town. Maybe this person had to search high and low on Craigslist to find a fixer-upper they could take on the road. If what it’s lacking is A/C, we’ve got the fix. Dyson’s Air Multiplier Table Fan takes that stagnant RV air and amplifies it 18 times. Despite its size, this fan claims to be able to cool an entire room. Or, if putting the finishing touches on their new camper means giving in and taking it to the local auto shop, consider a gift card to help them along their way. Not only are you making their next adventure more possible, but you’re also putting money into a local business.

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For the Person Missing Luxury Stays

Nope, we’re not giving them a weekend at the Four Seasons (though if that’s in your budget, feel free), we’re bringing that luxury hotel stay to them, starting with the robe. For a not-too-heavy not-too-light option, there is Macy’s Hotel Collection Cotton Spa Robe—I mean, come on, our goal is right there in the name! And after they’ve gotten comfy with their robe, why not allow them to recreate their favorite hotel’s happy hour with a bottle of their favorite champagne or—for those who typically like to spend their holidays abroad—Aperol, to make the spritz they’ve been missing.

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For the Person Starting a National Park Journey

This person spent 2020 hunkered down, waiting for COVID to pass—or at least learn more about it. Well, it’s nearly 2021 and, after much planning and research, they’ve decided to hit the road. Visiting each and every National Park adds up, but luckily, there’s a pass to help with the cost. The America the Beautiful Pass is $80 and gives the owner entry into every U.S. National Park (though make sure to check in with the USGS as some parks have had to make changes in response to the past year). Gifting this pass sets them up for a year of site seeing, hiking, and moments in nature—it’s the gift that keeps giving.

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For the Person Who Has a Hard Time Sleeping at Hotels

For some, getting a good night’s rest at a hotel is easier said than done. Whether it’s the mildly different bed or just the knowledge that this home away from home isn’t really home, getting a night of shut-eye can be difficult. For those needing a little extra assistance when it comes to sleeping on the road, we’ve got the products for the perfect sleep-package. This relaxation pillow spray will fill their nose with the calming scent of lavender and chamomile while this white noise machine’s soothing sounds help them drift off. And if those together aren’t enough, there’s always tried and true melatonin (this patch might be just the assistance they needed).