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15 Disturbing, Upsetting, Frighteningly Weird Statues

Welcome to hell, where giant statues have the body of a crab and the head of a violently happy man.

Read if you dare: from creepy babies to vivisection, we’ve rounded up the world’s most disturbing statues.

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These Trolls

WHERE: Kinsarvik, Norway

Trolls are absolutely everywhere in Norway. Norway loves mythical trolls. They’ve been the stars of much Scandinavian folklore, and have inspired many Norse stories and works of art. These troll statues are located in Kinsarvik. After looking at them, you can then go to literally any gift shop in Norway and purchase troll-themed merchandise—they’ve got shirts, mugs, towels, and practically everything else.

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Bad Bad Boy

WHERE: Helsinki, Finland

Well, well, well, would you look at this actual extremely large statue right smack in the middle of a well-trafficked area. This young man stands 8.5 meters tall and seems to appear quite startled by the fact that everyone around him can see him using the bathroom… right outside of the Helsinki Computer and Game Console Museum. He came to be in 2014 and is the work of artist Tommi Toija.

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This Mad Baby in Vigeland Park

WHERE: Oslo, Norway

This particular park in Oslo contains 212 bronze and granite sculptures and covers around 80 acres of land. The creator, Norwegian sculptor Gustav Vigeland, spent the last two years of his life making the statues in it … including this mad baby. Here we have a statue of a giant, angry infant throwing a naked tantrum on top of a cube stacked atop a larger cube.

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These Undead Hell Statues

WHERE: Angthong, Thailand

These are some ghost and zombie statues. People visit and pray to them regarding the departed and/or hell land at Wat Muang Temple in Ang Thong. They have extremely long tongues, as you can see, which is slightly unnerving, but they are undead, after all, so I guess it’s normal for them to look like this.

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All of These Statues at Haw Par Villa

WHERE: Singapore, Thailand

This is a theme park in Singapore with around 1,000 statues depicting ancient Chinese folklore… and to be honest, a lot of them are downright frightening. There are people cutting other people in half, a half pig/half man touching the face of a half mouse/half woman, a crab with a smiling man-head, lots of other people killing people, etc. The list goes on. Seriously, though, so many statues killing other statues! So many!

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So Many Statues by This One Specific Sculptor in Prague

WHERE: Prague, Czech Republic

David Černý, a controversial sculptor who “enjoys pissing people off,” has had many deeply disturbing works displayed all around the Czech Republic over the years. Some of his works include people with mouth-looking things for heads crawling on the ground, a butt with a ladder leading up to it, a bus with strong arms doing a push up (??), amongst many others.

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This statue of a woman holding a perplexingly large fork and riding an equally as perplexingly large chicken was made by Roberto Fabelo. No one knows what it’s actually called, or what is even going on here at all whatsoever. Let me give it a shot: It appears that this woman is embarking on a long journey, or perhaps going into battle, but forgot her clothes–but did remember to bring her gigantic battle fork (thankfully). This magical piece of art is currently on display in Cuba.

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This Charming Boy Who Is Sitting Strangely on a Turtle

WHERE: Worcester, Massachusetts

This statue, created by Charles Y. Harvey, is a non-functioning drinking fountain located in Worcester, Massachusetts. It is called the Burnside Fountain and depicts a whimsical little man sitting on a turtle weirdly. He’s riding the turtle, apparently? And the turtle is really glad about it? Let’s just say that’s what’s happening because I don’t like the alternative. Anyways, locals like to dress the Turtle Boy up for holidays–for example, in the winter, they put a scarf on him.

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A Spider-Man Camel

WHERE: Abu Dhabi, UAE

Located right in the middle of a public place in Abu Dhabi, this is a statue of camel, who is also Spider-Man, and I have so many questions. First of all, what is happening here? So, is Spiderman a camel now, or is this just, like… Spider-Man’s friend (apprentice? both?), who just so happens… to be a camel? If the latter, how does this camel get his outfit on? Does he just always keep his hero suit on? Does he shoot webs from his hooves? Does he swing on the webs? (Because if so, I’d really like to see this!) Who are Spider Camel’s main foes? Are they also animals, or does he fight regular villains? Is this camel not even a hero OR affiliated with Spider-Man, just a really big fan? Is it just a statue and I should shut up about it?

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These Vomiting Rock People in London

WHERE: South Bank, London

These fountain sculptures were made by artist Klaus Weber. It’s a bunch of rock people with regular heads, some of whom are vomiting and others who seem to be … in some other state of disarray. One rock man is pouring a water bottle onto his face. Everyone is upset. They are rocks, so it’s understandable. These guys were on display between 2006 and 2007 and are sadly not there anymore. RIP.

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This Gigantic Terrible Spider

This is the Maman Spider. It’s been lots of places: the Tate Museum in London, outside of the Canadian National Art Gallery, the base of Mori tower building in Roppongi Hills in Japan, etc. It is a bronze, stainless steel, and marble extremely large spider sculpted by artist Louise Bourgeoi. How large, you ask? It is 30 feet tall and over 33 feet wide. No spider should be this large–I don’t care if it’s fake, it should not be. Oh, also, it gets worse: The spider is pregnant! It’s got a sac of marble eggs. Get this spider out of here–I do not like this spider. Too large. This spider is too large. Please proceed to the next slide! This slide is over! This spider is bad!


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Transi De Rene De Chalon

WHERE: Bar-le-Duc, France

This statue of a man who is currently decaying rapidly is on display in the Saint-Étienne church in Bar-le-Duc, France. He is René de Chalon, Prince of Orange. He and his wife requested that instead of making a nice, normal statue to memorialize him, they wanted one of him as a skeleton with some skin still on it who is holding his own heart. Oh, also, the statue once held the prince’s actual dried heart (!!!!!!!!). To this, I say: No.

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This Person Who Is Cutting Themselves in Half

WHERE: Wicklow, Ireland

Victor’s Way Indian Sculpture Park is described as an eccentric garden of Indian sculptures, all dedicated to mathematician Alan Turing. Most of the statues in this park are mildly to extremely terrifying, but this particular statue (called “The Split Man”) is a person cutting themselves in half, making it the most terrifying, actually. The garden was built to induce self-reflection, so perhaps you can stare at this statue of someone cutting their body in half and reflect on how you shouldn’t do that.

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The Boll Weevil Monument

WHERE: Enterprise, Alabama

Enterprise is a nice little town in southeastern Alabama. And here, they have a regal lady holding up a … well, a large beetle looking thing. This beetle-looking jerk is a boll weevil–the thing that wreaked havoc on the city during the Great Depression, completely destroying all of its crops. They have a statue honoring this little guy who caused oh-so-much destruction for some reason.

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The Point Pleasant Mothman

WHERE: Point Pleasant, West Virginia

The Mothman is classic West Virginia folklore, and they have a giant robot-looking statue of him to celebrate this. Mothman “sightings” flooded the local (and then national) news in the late 1960s, and then flooded the book scene in 1975 with the release of John Keel’s The Mothman Prophecies, and the 2002 Richard Gere film of the same name. This moth guy is everywhere! Except he’s not, actually, because he’s not real. Or is he? (No.) He’s just a statue in West Virginia.


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