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Here Are 10 Creepy Places to Get Your Hocus Pocus On

It’s spooky season! Bust out your cauldron and get ready to chant because we’ve rounded up the very best places to call the corners.

All over the world, dark forces are gearing up for the best time of the year: Halloween! But a-real-wizard-Harry knows that magic doesn’t happen just once a year, and certainly not just in a castle-school for kids. Feeling witchy? Get out your broomsticks and repeat those incantations as we take you on a tour of 10 ominous sites for creepy thrills.

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Georgia Guidestones

WHERE: Elbert County, Georgia

This is like America’s Stonehenge, only not as mysterious, and with a proselytizing message. Six granite slabs weighing about 240,000 pounds are astronomically aligned with various New World Order-ish inscriptions in eight modern languages, which just goes to show how far the antichrist is willing to spread his message. What’s it doing in Georgia? Nobody knows. Is there a time capsule buried underneath it? Yes.

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Mystery Spot

WHERE: Santa Cruz, California

Bro! What’s up with the gnarly angles and views? Is it like, aliens?

Dude, no. It’s a gravitational anomaly. In Santa Cruz’s Mystery Spot, perspectives are shifted so that you can’t trust your own sight. Physics and gravity?!? More like magic and vortexes! Water flows uphill! Everything is tilted! Or maybe even just a trick of the eye!

Far out, man!

(It could also totally be aliens.)

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The Tomb

WHERE: New Haven, Connecticut

This is the most Illuminati-laden place on the East Coast: a tomb at Yale University that houses the many whispers of the Skull and Bones Secret Society. THIS PLACE IS A LITERAL TOMB. And why are there wings on this building?! What is it planning to do?!

You think you’re going to just explore the New Haven landmark? Think again, Muggle. You’ve gotta be chosen as a “Bonesman” and go through elaborate boning rituals in order to gain access. But if you do, there’s serious magic in that club—you might even wind up as a bonehead—er, Bonesman—President.

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Great American Pyramid Tennessee

WHERE: Memphis, Tennessee

Ok America, I know you are anxious about your youthful status compared to other civilizations, but let’s knock off the ripping off of other culture’s monuments, shall we? This venue was supposed to be all sorts of different amazing things but ended up as a Bass Pro Shop. It is definitely cursed.

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“Maman” the Black Widow

WHERE: Ottawa, Ontario

This is a 30-foot tall/33-foot wide sculpture of a SPIDER and it is titled “MOTHER” and it includes a SAC OF 26 MARBLE EGGS.


This arachnoid used to live permanently at the Tate Modern in London, but don’t worry, SHE TRAVELS. Maman is currently displayed outside of the entrance to the National Gallery of Canada, so, don’t go there, I guess, unless you never read this story.

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Salvation Mountain

WHERE: Imperial County, California

Uhh, this place is less black-magic-spooky and more colorful-spooky. It is a LOT to take in, but in a good way. You’ll notice right away that “Love” and “God” are themes here, but what you might miss is that this “mountain” is actually made from adobe and straw. The kaleidoscope hill is strangely mesmerizing. Don’t get sucked in (but if you do, Instagram it).

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Paranormal Museum

WHERE: Asbury, New Jersey

Part bookstore, part guided tour, part museum, and part curiosity cabinet, this delightful neighborhood ghostbuster shop provides a destination for all things paranormal. What’s that you’re asking? What could possibly be so terrifying about the Jersey Shore? Look beyond the spray tans to find the origin story of the Jersey Devil, and check out his mangled skull here. The owner hosts séances, too. Don’t. Miss. Out!

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Tarot Museum

WHERE: Italy

The Museo Dei Tarocchi is basically the original psychic reader shop. It is spooky to even THINK about getting there because a) It’s from the 17th century, when lots of scary stuff happened and b) you need a reservation, which means they’ll be expecting you.

Besides the unique collection of Tarot and Tarot-adjacent art to see, the museum coordinates esoteric tours, artist talks, book readings, and, of course, Tarot readings. Just don’t go into the Restricted Section.

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Corvin Castle

WHERE: Transylvania

Look, if you didn’t expect Transylvania to be creeptastic than you really need to reread The Standard Book of Spells Year 1. C’mon, occultist! This is where Vlad the Impaler—THE IMPALER—was held prisoner. Oh yeah, and it’s the setting of Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Look, if you want to gallivant around a supposed vampire crypt, just bring your garlic necklace and holy water. Or go full vamp if that’s your thing. Who am I to judge?

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WHERE: Kazakhstan

Hear me out: this place is spooky. It might be the headquarters of the Illuminati. If I were in the Illuminati, I would definitely at least vacation here, because the buildings are bananas. Useless futuristic pyramids? Check. A skyscraper shaped like a lollipop? Yup. Twin golden towers? Why not?

The city used to be called Akmola, meaning “a white grave.” Uh, what? Then in 1998 it was renamed Astana, which means “the capital city” in Kazakh.

They are definitely covering up something.

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