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10 Things to Make Your Dog Less Bored and Anxious While Waiting Around All Day

Your canine companion deserves some fabulous and functional accessories.

Dogs love to go. They don’t seem to really care where they go, either–just as long as they’re with their favorite human. While you can’t travel during the quarantine, treating yourself and your dog to a walk–while keeping the recommended distance from others–is still okay, and it’s a great way for both of you to get some sunshine, fresh air, and exercise. Use this gear to brighten your daily routine, let it inspire you to have a pretend vacay with your four-legged friend, or put it away for a future adventure when life is back to normal. Think of these fun items as a reward for all the love and loyalty your pupper shows you.

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For Salty Dogs

No need to put the top down on this pink, Cadillac-style float; it’s already open so your favorite pup can climb aboard while you’re safe at home in your backyard pool. The Convertible Dog Float has a built-in bin to hold toys or treats, and it’s made from thick plastic that resists punctures–although you may want to give Fifi a paw-dicure before she sets sail (translation: trim your dog’s nails). Choose a model rated for your dog’s weight, and be sure it has a tether to secure it so you can reel it in when you call it a day. Until then, toss it in the water, post some images on Instagram, and look out for a tidal wave of likes.

INSIDER TIPWater reflects sunlight, and dogs can get sunburned noses, tummies, and ears. Protect your pup with a made-for-dogs sunscreen your vet recommends.


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Help for Dogs That Won’t Say 'Cheese'

You want a selfie with your super-cute pupper when you’re out for a walk and he stops to sniff the neighbor’s daisies. Get his attention with the Pooch Selfie, a camera mount for your smartphone that holds a mouth-watering tennis ball (it’ll make his mouth water, not yours). Otherwise, you can try saying “cheese” to get his attention, but dogs are smart. Unless you’ve got a pocket full of Velveeta, that trick will probably work only once.

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Shelter From the Storm

When you’re jogging around your neighborhood and counting steps on your Fit-Bit, it’s tough to manage a dog on a leash and an umbrella when a shower pops up. Spot can also get wet when you live in a place that has a constant drizzle in the air, like Seattle. Don’t let him get drenched. Protect your small-to-medium dog with a Lesypet Dog Umbrella when it rains cats and dogs.

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Pack up and Go

This bubble-shaped backpack might look like something from outer space, but the Lollimeow Pet Carrier Backpack is actually a carrier for dogs and puppies up to 10 pounds (and cats up to 13 pounds). It’s handy for toting small pets when their legs get tired or taking them along on a solo bike ride or hike. Ventilation holes and mesh vents on the sides allow air to circulate, and there’s a pocket for dog treats; you can even tuck in a human-type snack bar to nibble when the hungries hit. A latch hook and zipper guard against Houdini-like escapes.

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Take-out Meals

Despite its name, this “doggy bag” is actually made for dogs, not your restaurant leftovers. The Overland Dog Gear Dine Away Dog Bag is great for taking pet food along when you’re alone on the long hike, especially if your dog needs a special diet kibble that’s hard to find. The heavy-duty, drawstring bag comes with two lined carriers for food and treats, two collapsible silicone bowls (one for food and one for water), a food scoop and a non-slip placemat for easy clean-up after dinnertime.

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Camp Canine

Now that dogs are used to having their humans home 24/7, it would be too mean to leave them behind when it’s safe to travel again. A “pup tent” like the Darrell Outdoor Dog Tent is just the ticket when you’re finally able to go to the beach, mountains, or anywhere else that your dog needs a place to curl up. Stakes and tie-downs let you secure the shelter, so it won’t wobble when the wind blows or your dog turns around a few times before he settles in for a nap. The tent is water- and UV-resistant, so Rover stays dry, and sunlight won’t discolor the high-performance fabric.

INSIDER TIPTuck a waterproof pad, cushion, or dog bed into the tent for a soft bed.

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(Don’t) Chew up the Scenery

One day, you’ll take the vacation you had to postpone right now. You’ll even find a dog-friendly hotel or Airbnb that welcomes your furry pal. But what if your dog or puppy is prone to chewing shoes or anything else at hand—including the remote control for the TV, the legs of a chair, or those fancy towels hanging so temptingly from a rack in the bathroom? Pop your pup in the Ruff ‘n Ruffus Portable Foldable Pet Playpen while you’re out, and leave her a few safe chews to keep her busy until you’re back. Available in three sizes, the playpen is waterproof and has a removable shade cover, so you can use it outside as well as indoors.

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You Dirty Dog

If your area still allows people to keep the recommended social distance and stroll along the beach, you already know that your car winds up full of sand when you climb inside to go home. It’s even worse when your best fur-friend is with you; sand sticks to his paws and legs, and if he rolls around in the surf, he’ll make a wet mess of your interior, too. The Mud Dog Travel Shower lets you rinse him off, whether he’s coated in sand, dirt, or mud and helps your car stay clean–well, cleaner, anyways. This showerhead screws onto most standard 16-ounce to two-liter water bottles. When used on a two-liter bottle, the manufacturer says you’ll have enough water to give your dog a two-minute shower, so pack multiples and make him think he’s at the spa.

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Zipping Right Along

Why should humans have all the zip-line fun? Attach an Auto Zip Line between any two immovable points in the back of your car or utility vehicle, and your best furry pal can walk around just enough to stretch his legs without getting in the way while you’re trying to drive. A tether is included; use it as a short leash to move your doggo in and out of the car. Who needs a pricey vacay to Costa Rica or St. Lucia? You’ll have a zip line in your very own ride.

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Practically Paw-fect Protection

Your feet take a real beating when you’re on rough terrain or hot pavement, or when you’re navigating through ice and snow—and so do your pupper’s paws. You’ll probably have to help him get used to them, but Ruffwear Dog Boots will protect his tender pads while allowing him to keep up with your socially distant adventures. Look for insulated boots for winter activities, soles that provide traction on slippery slopes, boots with removable, quick-drying liners for wet weather activities, and more.

INSIDER TIPBoots come in different colors, sizes, and styles. See the Ruffwear guide to learn how to measure your dog and find the most comfortable fit.