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#NotBadNews: This Is What It Looks Like to Be Coronavirus-Free

In today’s #NotBadNews, we look at Burger King’s social distancing device and New Zealand’s big announcement.

Welcome to #NotBadNews, our new (and hopefully short-lived) daily column where we round up the good, surprising, and weird things that have happened around the world during this coronavirus pandemic.

New Zealand Says Goodbye to COVID-19

Kiwis, be proud—New Zealand is coronavirus free! The country quickly responded to the outbreak and has reported no new cases for five days. In addition to that, New Zealand’s hospitals have reported that there are no longer any patients being treated for the virus—a huge win for the country and its people!

If there were ever a reason to celebrate, this is it. Bid ado to social distancing New Zealand, you’ve made to the other side of this pandemic!

The Catholics Have Done It Again

First were the drive through blessings, now we have the six-foot baptism. We can promise you have never seen anything quite like this.

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Recommended Fodor’s Video

Being squirted by a stranger with a water gun as a baby is potentially traumatizing (only time and therapy will tell). But is it hilarious to look at? Absolutely!

A World of Pure Imagination

We all get bored, but how we channel that boredom is what differs. For some it’s crafting, for others it’s binge-watching TV, and for this man, it’s creating an imaginary kingdom in the woods. Using the spare time he suddenly had plenty of, this man headed to nature to create the perfect place for creativity.

This simple space for imagination is more than just that–it’s a work of art. Someone get this man on the phone, True Detective just found their next set designer!

Social Distancing the Royal Way

If you’ve found yourself in quarantine craving a Whopper, worry no longer—Burger King has introduced a new way to social distance, and honestly, it’s a look. The popular fast-food chain is now providing massive crowns that ensure a six-foot distance is kept.

This is the social distancing invention fit for a king-well, a king craving chicken fries.

Weather Channel’s Celebrity Cameo

Promoting their new song Rain On Me, popstars Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga took to the Weather Channel for a quick (though possibly ill-informed) weather report.

As though we weren’t already streaming.

Why New Yorkers Wear a Mask

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo posted a video to YouTube showcasing the people of the heavily hit city and why they choose to wear masks. The commercial was made by New Yorkers for New Yorkers to encourage mask-wearing and better put into perspective the reasons for covering up! Take it away NYC.

As they put it so well, for New York to reopen and stay open, masks are essential. Not only was this PSA informative, it was also heart-warming. With a city as strong in spirit as this one, we know a return to normal is just around the corner!

Check-in every day for an update on the wonderful and weird things happening in our current coronavirus world.