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#NotBadNews: This Could Be What Beaches Look Like This Summer

From an online wedding to one dog’s celebrity moment, these are the things that made us smile today.

Welcome to #NotBadNews, our new (and hopefully short-lived) daily column where we round up the good, surprising, and weird things that have happened around the world during this coronavirus pandemic.

The Beaches Planning for Social Distancing

We’ve seen the images of reopened beaches, and they’re nothing short of a social distancing-nightmare. As everyone has swarmed the shore, finding space to oneself has not exactly been easy. Spain looked at the issues at beaches across the U.S. and had an idea: roped off personal zones.

If Spain chooses to implement these zones for beaches, it would allow for residents to enjoy their summer in an at least semi-normal way. I’ll happily take zoning if it means safely enjoying the summer sun!

Get Ready to Buy Bulk

Costco has announced that they will be requiring all customers to wear masks upon entrance. And this isn’t limited to states that already have mask requirements in place, it’s a must at all Costco locations. This company is one of the first to make such a sweeping rule, and it’s great news for the elderly and immuno-compromised living in cities that lack mask rules and special shopping hours. Costco is living up to their slogan, “Do the right thing.”

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A Virtual Wedding, a Special Guest, and a Chance to Win a Honeymoon

Did coronavirus force you to postpone your wedding? Aching to just do the damn thing anyway? Might the prospect of a free honeymoon entice you even more?

If you can’t wait any longer, the travel company is offering you their own spokesperson as an officiant and a chance at winning a huge vacation. Yes, Captain Obvious, or as he’s now called, Chaplain Obvious, is ordained and wanting to virtually officiate your wedding!

If a big white wedding isn’t your vibe and you’re more into having a laugh with your chosen person, this could be the way to go—and the idea of a fully paid for honeymoon doesn’t hurt either.

This Dog Knows He’s a Star

It was a watch-party at this home for the dog who was dipping his toes in the celebrity water for the first time—and we love the enthusiasm he has for this moment of fame. Brimming with excitement, this guy just about couldn’t handle the thrill of making it on the big screen.

This local news channel did more than just give you and me at home a moment of happiness amidst the crazy, they made the star of their segment’s day!

Pizza, Hot and Ready

We’re all spending quarantine differently, some taking time to learn a new hobby other using it as a moment of R&R, and no one way of wasting time is better than another…oh wait, yes, one man’s actually is.

Ready for some serious yard-work inspiration? This dad headed out back to make something delicious, but it took a second to get there–building required.

From there it was all a matter of picking the right ingredients. Bon appetite!

This Hospital Got a Banksy

The elusive artist Banksy is making headlines once again for their newest installation. During National Nurses Week, Banksy sent the University Hospital Southampton a framed picture with a note asking them to hang it.

While the illustration itself is inspirational, showing a child choosing a nurse as their hero, the impact this painting could have is far more than a simple gesture. Though the hospital is displaying the work now, they can—in the future—sell the piece for more than a pretty penny (Banksy is considered one of the most expensive living artists). That money can go towards the hospital, staff, patients—however they might choose to use it!

This art does more than simply say thank you–its future value has the potential to make huge differences for the nurses we’ve honored this week.

Check-in every day for an update on the wonderful and weird things happening in our current coronavirus world.