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Carnival Launches Smart Ships With Personalized Experiences

It’s 2017 and while hoverboards still aren’t here yet, the first smart ships are. Soon on Carnival cruises, digital avatars will follow you around the ship, intelligent navigation will get you to your destination, and waiters will know what you like before you order it–because you programmed your preferences before you boarded.


This future-cruise experience is brought to you by Carnival’s new Ocean Medallion: a tiny, wearable concierge delivered to passengers before they board. Once they do, the Medallion interacts with thousands of digital kiosks, readers, and an onboard app that virtually connects you to the ship and the crew.


The result is a hyper-personal hospitality experience where every crew member knows your name (it’s Bluetoothed to their tablets), you can pay p2p (via near field communication), and even your room recognizes you, letting you enter without a key.


That is, if you ever leave the lido deck. Being plugged into the ship’s interactive map means you can order anything–from drinks to mobile casino dealers–to wherever you are. And even your friends and family can spot you from their apps to find you wherever you’ve holed up for the full Wall-E experience.


The first Ocean Medallion Class smart ships will be launching November 2017. Read more about it here.

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